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Although there is no tell-tale sign of flirting, it has almost become an ‘innocent’ way of expressing your interest in a certain person. There are possibilities in digital that you can’t do with film. Indian families are different from the western families. The spy plane (U2, Blackbird) reconnaissance flights and results are now open source (unclassified) due to old and outmoded technology. Yea, but the spy plane came can do newspaper headlines. True. But the name of the game is to keep twisting the original topic until you can “win” the debate. Mobiles have become the easiest way to keep in touch with the world around and near you. The world should appreciate the efforts of both Malick and Kubrick, although it may need Malick a little more today. Pictures of ladies nude in public oiled ass butts big tits big black cocks teen disney xxx sex amateur teen free woman porn (Freeprivatesexcam’s website) nude videos of cartoon characters teen titans sexy pictures nipple slip big busty little teen, galleries dog sex animal cum samples. Anyone in America already has access to free ebooks through local libraries.

Tamilnadu sex free sex chat. I asked her if we could video chat. And place the camera on record video before you place it inside the box. You may wondering now what I mean along with wii camera games but here is a nice justification to suit your needs. I think all Google Map and Earth photos now erase people images that are obvious. On the Google Earth site itself you can zoom in much more and when you do it automatically switches and integrates with street view which are photos taken with the Google car camera which drives around on the streets taking pictures. Much cheaper to buy images from the many entities already taking photos from satellites and planes. Buy your camera and flash unit at the same time to ensure compatibility. Readers do not need Open Library to come to the rescue by further harming the marketplace for books-at a time when the industry is already feeling incredible pain from the bookstore and library closures.

Now, at the start of 2012 also some fantastic openings are in due for the gaming industry. You are coming in to the middle of the movie and missed a lot of the plot. You are late to the party. Again, there are several healthy morals on Amazon for Canon lenses (just explore ‘Canon Lens’ and you’ll get the preferred buys). I’ll go to Google Earth Southeast Asia now and find a rice growing village to show you what you can see there. There is no sign-up and no software cost. In addition each person is actually interviewed for a minimum of 45 minutes and their facts are checked. In another aspect, disclosed herein are polyploid plant cells in which multiple alleles of one or more genes across the different genomes (sub-genomes) have been simultaneously modified. No one claims it is a satellite image. An earlier version of this image showed me and my neighbors on the sidewalk. This is the current Google Earth image of my neighborhood. Google buys images. Pretty sure they don’t own any satellites, unless they’ve launched one in the past couple of years. But in Kenya, contraceptive use among teens has been consistently low, increasing to just 10% in 2014 from 6% five years earlier.

Just now. Five minutes before I posted it. The neighborhood has now been redeveloped into a light industrial zone. I went to the neighborhood where I lived as a kid. Kind of strange but cool at the same time to virtually walk around the neighborhood that I was in at 1 year old. The visit where I identified my old neighbor was some time ago. A visit to the house where I rented a room in graduate school had a passing car with the driver shown. The Google Earth camera is digital and it can resolve a person in your house through a window from space. You can enjoy your hot summer on a hot beach but you know that dress is a natural need of every human being. Except that they’ve been blurring even non-obvious faces – cow faces, dog faces, sheep faces, billboards, murals, sculptures, motorbike and bicycle riders with face masks etc. It’s a fairly blunt tool, erring on the side of caution although they’ve taught it to zero in on human faces more accurately.


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If you are keen on augmenting business revenue, reduce expenses and foster better communications with our clients, live chat technology may just be the solution for your organization. Not to worry – we’ve got just the thing to make you feel better. No matter what your secret kinks might be, we have got them covered! We would love to have bought General Electric stock at $5.00 and made millions from it but we didn’t. But finding someone to love is not easy. Love role-playing? We will help you find someone who enjoys dressing up as much as you do! Remembering or honoring a friend who died isn’t like buying a gift from a wedding registry-the friend is not entitled to the details surrounding the death. This human, unlike the others, seemed to know that Robot was the person who found the outbreak. Robot recorded hundreds of new words. You will find games tailored to various interests and ages.Indeed, there are hundreds of apps to choose from and you will easily find the one that will suit your interests. It’s Suchard’s mind games that are the most memorable part of the show.

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Go for a twin mirror attached on a single wall, a single large mirror to give the open concept space, just a circular mirror on a wall or a modern mirror reaching your ceiling. Or you just can watch live porn by clicking on the girl’s avatar when she is online and ready to give a free sex show. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set. Umpleby continued with a series of paragraphs offering a long set of citations linking the Watergate scandal to the JFK assassination. 10. A canvas or a wall? Experiment with various art and design in your wall that is now available. I also sent my now ex-bf a couple of other cat videos and he has now blocked me on all social media as well as my phone number. Some studios allow the use of internet controlled sex toys that enhance earnings by using Lovense Lush to give control to webcam watchers for extra tips, to be able to talk live via the phone for extra earnings like on BongaCams. Unfortunately, these days, safety is essential as many viruses along with red wigglers get into the computers by way of flawlessly authorized internet sites similar to social networks and must always be protected against.

Sex during pregnancy can be fun and different, but it can also become a bit of an issue for many couples, especially as that belly starts to get in the way. I am not agree with those people who say so but on the other hand also I can not reject their point of view because everyone has freedom to live as he or she wants. The future NRL coach, who was soaked in beer, was with North Sydney teammates who had been to a buck’s party the previous day and it was alleged some of them urinated in cups and threw the contents at other patrons. Blue Valley North Principal David Stubblefield, who received complaints from students and parents. Last but not the least; prescription sports glasses are also suitable for people who prefer to the sedentary lifestyle. An optical online store called Firmoo offers free private sex cam glasses of trendy styles and attractive colors waiting for you. This nascent reluctance to bag Internet bargains has been heightened by largely irrational fears that anonymous hackers are ready and waiting to swoop on Net-borne credit card details and fraudulent merchants are setting up web shops with the express intention of ripping you off.

Thanks to advances in Internet security and the presence of web sites run by big-name high-street stores, shopping on the Net is as natural as forgetting your cash-point card’s PIN. When you enter your number, name and adult erotic video address into a web page, the information is scrambled by your web browser before it’s sent over the Internet and only the shopping center at the other end of your connection can unscramble it. But on the web all shops are next to each other, literally only a click away from one another. If you want to continue searching for another sex partner, girls on girls free video just click on the “Next” button and the system will immediately find a new interlocutor. If you find any suspicious activities relating to the exploitation of other users, please report it to a mod or admin immediately. On the other side, though the site might be good you could find them being banned in some countries. While sheltering in place might push some to break up, it gives others, like Lara Kadillak, a 32-year-old woman in Denver, an excuse to take things slow. You might as well renovate your living room windows to a tall transom to make the room look tall and comfortable.

Community Immunity was located in the husk of an old strip mall, its gleaming counters and wet lab hidden behind windows duct taped with tinfoil and cardboard. Give your home a royal look by opting high rise curtains till your ceiling; this will make your room look way bigger. For a more playful look, go for bright and bold shades in between that will complement the whites really well. To make your living room look open and airy, choose whites in all of your walls, curtains, couches & cushions. Add plenty of mirrors on your living room and watch it magically look bigger and better. For all kinds of interior designing and renovation take help from the Renovation Contractors Singapore, this will make your work much easier, provided they have way better ideas and experiences. This doesn’t mean you have to stay clear of every online outlet whose name is new to you; just take the time to investigate their site to see whether it provides an indication of the sort of service you would expect from them. Umpleby, savvy to PR and maximum coverage, offered to transfer, by hand if necessary, postings from PLATO’s Discuss over into FORUM, so ARPA users would see them there.


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According to Project Veritas, “Twitter’s end game is likely similar to that of their Silicon Valley friend Google; in the words of Google’s Head of Innovation Jen Gennai ‘Prevent the next Trump situation.’” Twitter claims it locked O’Keefe’s account because of “privacy violations,” after O’Keefe posted a publicly available FEC paystub of one of the Sanders staffers who praised violence and gulags. Twitter locked the account of investigative journalist James O’Keefe last month, after he and Project Veritas released undercover footage showing Bernie Sanders staffers praising Stalin’s gulags and desi sex videos promising that “cities will burn” if Donald Trump is re-elected. Within minutes Weigel was forced to retract his false tweet.” “Twitter suspended the account for what one can only assume are political reasons, they are worried about the effectiveness of our mission here at Project Veritas,” continued the spokesman. “The information posted was not private; it is publicly available and found easily on the FEC website (found here).,” said a spokesman for Project Veritas.

“Professional codes of ethics instruct journalists to minimize harm to the public, requiring an “overriding” public interest to invade someone’s privacy.” “In the case of our recent Twitter suspension, Twitter said we had violated their rules for ‘posting private information.’ But the information we published was a screen shot from a U.S Government website, certainly not private. Other mainstream news outlets and journalists issued similar mea culpas. Twitter has also blocked Project Veritas from running ads aimed at recruiting new journalists. Bernie 2020 Staffer Kyle Jurek was recorded by Project Veritas saying things such as: “Fucking cities will burn if Trump is re-elected.” “There’s a reason Joseph Stalin had Gulags, right? She also mentioned that she was gonna visit an ex bf this weekend and I was cool with it, but since she’s saying that I get the vibes she doesn’t want me sexually. But my gooooood she’s always late to everything and never takes the blame. Feel free private sex cam to add some tips that have helped you out. Never. Yet I defy anyone to look at a group of teenage girls out on the town on a Saturday night, tottering drunkenly through the streets in micro-dresses designed to show as much thigh and fake-tanned cleavage as possible, and not feel a tremor of foreboding about how their night might end.

These revelations about our alien overlords might not cost you any sleep. Meanwhile, the U.S. government is embroiled in a “cataclysmic” power struggle between President Obama, who heads the alien shadow government, and some unknown force that opposed the U.S.-alien alliance. A lot of schools have this in their educational doctorates, but it is more important because of the nature of miscommunications over the net, a permanent video record, and managing professors who are not physically in the vicinity of the school. Her moves in the videos are full of surprises with her curvy body so anyone watching the video would be stunned. If you’re looking for the best video doorbell, chances are it’s among those we’ve tested. The thing that works for me the best is to just say “wow, I’m dying here, I really need a drink” then WALK AWAY. Make sure you usually take things you need when offered food and get away from wasting items unnecessarily.

You sit down (bed, floor, chair, your preference), close your eyes, take deep, slow breathes and focus your attention on your breathing. Recently, her videos of her modeling with the gorgeous dresses, lingerie and bikinis goes viral in the internet and gets the attention of millions of viewers in Asia and everywhere. When you realize this, refocus your attention to whatever it was you’re focusing on. In a Wednesday blog post, Zoom said it would be rolling out a new security update to the software, focusing on improved encryption. The company posted a blog item which gave users tips on how to keep out unwanted guests from their chats. A hacker group with ties to Iran has been sending spear phishing emails to customers and employees of a company that works with US federal, state, and local governments. The Fars News Agency is reportedly affiliated with Iran’s influential Revolutionary Guards, which suggests that either Iran is either desperate to smear the U.S. This is almost a funny story, until one remembers that Iran is a moderately powerful nation of 76 million people, with a possible nuclear arsenal, relatively large conventional military power, extensive terrorist capabilities through its intelligence agencies and Hezbollah, and a fundamentalist government that could easily engage in hostilities against the U.S.


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The company has also worked with Berkeley County Water & Sanitation to get 5 million gallons a day from the Charleston Water system. We understand that we’re not going to be able to meet everyone’s needs; our collection, at 1.4 million modern books, is a fraction of the size of a large metropolitan library system or a great academic library. We’re not really friends with Lea, she was just someone who we’d bump into at parties. Anna told us that she also learned that Lea’s mom apparently has a thing for married men and that Lea and her two siblings are illegitimate children from three different dads who are all married. Women chat to their female (or queer) friends about sex much more unhinderd – and I know that cause nearly all of my free web cam chat ( friends are women (or queer women) – but when you as a man try to have a conversation, like face to face, with a woman about doing the dirty, there’s a massive feeling of shame and ‘eeeew dude, no, you can’t talk about that!

Or do you feel repressed sexually even though you know in your heart that a good marriage includes a healthy sex life but your wife isn’t willing to truly work on that because she is getting what she needs out of it and not giving what you need out of it? Using either of the above two software programs will help to make you feel a little more at ease that your child is safe and staying out of trouble. Problem is, we never organically come to the topic in the first place when talking – so I can’t practice – and I don’t wanna make things awkward by explicitely bringing it up. Was it consolation he’d had in mind, kissing the wound to make it better? I think it’s cause when growing up (surrounded mostly by women), I often heard stuff like ‘and I could really see him getting horny when we talked about sex’ and ‘men are just talking to women about sex for mental images to jerk off to’ etc., And it’s not better with guys who are like ‘dude wtf, stop being so desperate for material yuck’. Satellites sell their images in a choice of resolutions depending on the budget and type of purchaser.

Or a couple of choice. But in the past couple of days, she has continued to talk to me and tell me she will always love me. Like you couldn’t even be bothered to take a couple dates and find out who I am as a person before you go after sex. Do you feel comfortable saying those things out loud? Like I said, I also am super close to her GF, who by now nearly completely stopped texting me about things related to sex and other intimate things. Soldiering on through a pandemic is stressful, so it’s all the more important that we take advantage of what small human joys remain right now. Valerie said that she didn’t like Lea even back then because she seemed slutty and now she knows why: because Lea is the daughter of a ‘professional’ homewrecker. This goes so far as to even feel guilty for admitting that a friend is hot. Also, I still feel like a sex fiend whenever I bring the topic of sexuality with either of them in chat. But should the topic come up in face to face communication, I bottle up and try to avoid the topic.

I wanna be able to talk about it face to face as freely as I can in chat really badly. Basically, I wanna get rid of that need too hide behind the barrier. And even then things can get tricky, if that someone isn’t feeling well or returning from a trip that involved potential exposure to the virus. Can’t say you saying you’d be willing to leave would work but based on the adoring her and best friends comments she probably feels super secure and small penis sex where things are at and you need to be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you see a great wife to be? 12. Organizing vacation pictures if you are an ardent snapper, data-loggers are a great way to organize your holiday photographs as they can sync with your camera and add a precise position and time to each picture. Even so, they are lines that allow for a thriving sexual subculture with a logic all its own.

Cottages are also available and provide good accommodation. Or is it someone you want to share your deepest desires with? Is it someone who cooks and does laundry and those labor aspects? No need to go out to find a girl who would like to have fun too. Ed was out of the picture after a few months. So a few years ago my friend Valerie told me and our other friends that she’s dating a foreign sports player, Ed, who she met on a dating app. Everyone was happy for her, and over the next few weeks she was happy to tell us all about their relationship, including their sex life. I need to find my own place so I can live a private life without my parents always knowing what’s happening in my life. I personally think that your relationship is always on if you’re married, and I had doubts if Ed’s wife knew that their relationship was ‘on and off’ but whatever, I didn’t want to give my unsolicited advice about Valerie’s personal life so I didn’t say anything.


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Many people have incorporated this sensual practice into their regular lifestyles because of the multi-faceted benefits it can bring. You need to follow a workout regimen if you have been diagnosed with cancer. If you are determined to become a webcam model, you need to make a few decisions about how to do it and where to do it. Quickly gaining global renown as providers of an exclusive sensual massage experience, WINKS are dedicated to offering an unparalleled journey into new realms of relaxation and indulgent bliss. Tantric massage by WINKS is London’s most sought after adult experience. An individual can even acquire plenty of training sexual intimacies videos regarding adult porn online pages to guide people to put on recommended knowledge about gender. Check them out, they pay me on time and even the same week when I earn money, this way they proved to me that they care about their business and partners. Find x friend was one of the first adult dating sites and still remains high on the list of the best-of for its numerous interactive features and member of increasingly large base, even if it loses points for its database crowded of inactive users. You can find webcam modeling sites that pay you for your webcam modeling talents.

As in strip clubs, people can pay for private performances. This place has it all: free live porn shows, adult chat rooms, live sex shows, free adult cam shows, free webcam shows, xxx sex live free live chatting, free sex chat, free porn cams, private and group webcam sex chats shows! It has some of the most exciting cam girls who are ready to perform the most stunning shows for you, for a small price. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are working around-the-clock to ensure that hospitals, universities, schools, and other businesses across the world can stay connected and operational,’ a spokesperson told AFP. We all see images of crowded hospitals, body bags, lonely funerals without mourners. Witnesses have described the harassment to include racist language and images of child pornography. The trial appears to have failed, never making it out of Australia and Canada, and was discontinued in 2017.) How ’bout Messenger Day? Others turn to free adult webcam sites that allow them to sign up without making a financial commitment. He’ll need to start making alternate financial arrangements, and the more time he can have to plan around your move, the better off he’ll be. Once you start looking around our chat rooms, you get hit by instant strike of satisfaction.

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fat gay sex ( men and other men who have sex with men are the only risk group in the U.S. Some studios allow the use of internet controlled sex toys that enhance earnings by using Lovense Lush to give control to webcam watchers for extra tips, to be able to talk live via the phone for extra earnings like on BongaCams. Entertainment has taken an all new meaning with the introduction of the internet. Cox’s home was raided and police found chat logs and internet searches for ‘pre-teens’ on his computer. Here’s an edited transcript of this week’s chat. You can chat from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and it all uses the same software, the same servers, and puts you in contact with all of our users. Chat room traffic provides the exact ambience of chatting which the Chat lovers usually desire. Outer conditions, time and cares can simply melt away and the recipient feels more rooted in their inner being and a part of the wider universe.

Kadillak would rather wait to meet when they can safely embrace: “It feels like we deserve more intimacy,” she says. By heading online, consumers should be able to get colourful, vibrant and flattering items that meet all their needs. As most ladies know, it’s easy to get carried away when shopping for shoes. Of course we’re horrified when awful things happen: it’s only human. It felt unquantifiably more satisfying to smile at a human than it did to smile at its own internal representation of a human. This is a shoe that you need to be prepared to spend a little more on than usual. Depending on the season, you have the option of closed toe or low sandal for this shoe. Whether the homeowner intends to have a major renovation project or a basic carpentry job, it still requires him/her to hire a general contractor and architect. It can have a huge impact on the amount of money you earn as a cam girl or guy.


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When you find a website like this, what you may not realize is that you will be required to provide before and after pictures. It may be a good idea for your children to view those types of videos, as they will likely receive a little bit of education at the same time. When the time comes to tell future generations about the epic mobile contest between Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android OS, Mary Seeker’s 2016 Internet Trends report will serve as a countless overview. This application will support all mobile phone as Samsung, Nokia, HTC, I Phone & all operating system as Window, Android & I phone etc. Purchase Spy Mobile Software in Delhi India from online store at best price. It will track all website and socials networking site visited by the person through this cell phone. The kids these days text a lot, but really only chat in person.

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Further must see attraction is the hidden bird aviary in Periwinkle Park. The park has a lot of machines that dispense food for the birds so don’t forget to bring a pocketful of modify. Affection watches are athletic and able to bear a lot of abrasion and tear. There are hotels to fit all types of travelers and budgets. As nowadays masses have smart phone; these phone has plenty of features which you expect, rather than say this smart phone is hot destination for browsing internet as there is plenty of app in these phones as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. This attracts young generation to stick with it so they spend maximum time with their phone as chatting or playing game. Nowadays privacy is first & foremost choice of young generation. The surf off of the beaches is gentle, making Sanibel Island a great place for families with young children. A holiday on Sanibel Island is just 40 minutes from the city of Fort Myers, Florida & the Southwest Florida International airport. If you’re an avid fisherman, you’ll love fishing while on your holiday. If you love being a part of the sizzling porn cam sites, then you have many reasons to find this article interesting and informative.


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A study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciencesfound that 1 in 25 death row inmates is later proven innocent. According to Time Magazine, 166 people were declared innocent in 2016 - and some of them were convicted as far back as 1964. Nineteen were exonerated after they died. People don’t always seem to bother deeply about their oral health till they are too late, making it seem that dentists charge exorbitantly for their services. “Because sentences are so excessive, prosecutors wield power to coerce guilty pleas,” she says. Today, 97% of federal cases are resolved with them - in some cases prosecutors are incentivized to resolve cases without a trial - and an overcrowded docket is relieved. They focus on incentivized informants (often, prisoners who are given reduced sentences in exchange for incriminating testimony against the accused), inadequate defense, misapplication of forensic science (bite mark science, for example, chatchurbate was heavily relied upon for decades and has since been deemed inadequate), government misconduct, false confessions, and eyewitness misidentification as the main causes of unjust incarcerations.

Instead, the bill would allow the government to go much further and regulate how online service providers operate their platforms and manage user-generated content-the very definition of editorial activity in the Internet age. When I emailed the Internet Archive asking about the legal theory behind the program, I got a response that directed me to another FAQ that doesn’t directly address the copyright issues raised by the program. Copyright © 2018 HealthDay. In fact, Potkin’s daughter offers an entirely new insight - her cousin, a boy, wants to be a lawyer, and Potkin and her daughter were having a conversation about it. “She turned to me and said: ‘Mom, he can’t be a lawyer, he’s a boy. We are up front when we take video or pics, but we have cameras in our room that you can’t even see. To ensure that you have a worry-free camping vacation, here are excellent tips to remember. But at least by that point the EBV did not reactivate, so it was just an issue of a little lost sleep here and there.

IA has made far-fetched claims that it is protected by fair use, but an appellate court case last year squarely decided the issue against them, as we advised them it would. At the time, he was working on the case of Geronimo Pratt, the Black Panther leader on trial for the murder of Caroline Olsen. Now, in Potkin’s office - a room the size of a prison cell filled with case files, blown-up newspaper articles recounting her successful exonerations, and photos of her daughter - she proudly houses a photo of her and Rep. Potkin’s work with Rep. The Innocence Project still has a lot of work to do. Thepractical application of the test session, the reasons for the low voltage grid, 2677m i7 performance compared to conventional voltage i5 2410M disadvantage, but compared to the first generation Core Duo processors are still dominant. For the most part, these singles are excluded from the couple’s plans or find themselves in a third-wheel situation they would never have tolerated pre-quarantine, when they could socialise, date, have casual sex and enjoy myriad activities outside the home.

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FIGS. 15A and 15B are schematics depicting exogenous marker-Free Private Sex Cam, sequential transgene stacking at an endogenous AHAS locus in the wheat genome of Triticum aestivum using ZFN-mediated, HDR-directed DNA repair. FIGS. 14A and 14B are schematics depicting exogenous marker-free, sequential transgene stacking at an endogenous AHAS locus in the wheat genome of Triticum aestivum using ZFN-mediated, NHEJ-directed DNA repair. In an embodiment, the AHAS gene is located on an A, B, or D genome of a polyploidy genome. In a further embodiment, the modification disrupts expression of the endogenous gene. In further embodiments, the integration of the transgene further comprises introduction of one or more indels that disrupt expression of the one or more endogenous loci and produce the selectable phenotype. In other embodiments, the whole plant comprising the one or more exogenous sequences integrated within the one or more endogenous loci of the plant genome is further modified to incorporate an additional exogenous sequence within the endogenous loci of the plant genome.

In a still further aspect, a plant cell obtained according to any of the methods described herein is also provided. The present disclosure relates to methods and compositions for exogenous sequence integration, including parallel (simultaneous) or sequential exogenous sequence integration (including transgene stacking) in a plant species, including in a polyploid plant. In yet another aspect, disclosed herein is a plant, plant part, seed, or fruit comprising one or more plant cells comprising a targeted genomic modification to one or more alleles of an endogenous gene in the plant cell, wherein the genomic modification follows cleavage by a site specific nuclease, and wherein the genomic modification produces a mutation in the endogenous gene such that the endogenous gene produces a product that results in an herbicide tolerant plant cell. In yet another aspect, disclosed herein is a method for aturbate making a plant cell as disclosed herein above, the method comprising: expressing one or more site specific nucleases in the plant cell; and, modifying one or more alleles of an endogenous gene across multiple genomes of a polyploid plant cell. In another aspect, provided herein is a seed from a plant comprising the plant cell that is obtained as described herein.

In another aspect, provided herein is a plant comprising a plant cell as described herein. Subsequent embodiments of the method further comprise the steps of; culturing the selected plant cells comprising the one or more exogenous sequences; and, obtaining a whole plant comprising the one or more exogenous sequences integrated within the one or more endogenous loci of the plant genome. While YouTube tries to ensure that each of these videos is marked, in one way or another, sexy emo nude not all are. In another embodiment, the one or more exogenous sequences are integrated into the AHAS gene. In yet another embodiment, the modification comprises integration of one or more exogenous sequences into one or more alleles of the endogenous gene. In further embodiments, the one or more exogenous sequences do not encode a transgenic selectable marker. In certain embodiments, the nuclease(s) comprise one or more ZFNs, one or more TALENs, one or more meganucleases and/or one or more CRISPR/Cas nuclease systems.

In further embodiments, the one or more endogenous loci comprise an acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) gene. In an embodiment, the endogenous gene is an acetohydroxyacid synthase (AHAS) gene. Other methods of measuring gene and/or encoded polypeptide activity can be used. The methods and compositions described herein are advantageous in providing targeted integration into a selected locus without the use of an exogenous transgenic marker to assess integration. Integration of the exogenous sequence(s) (e.g., into the AHAS locus) is facilitated by targeted double-strand cleavage of endogenous sequence, for example by cleavage of a sequence located in the 3′ untranslated region. Thus, the present disclosure provides for exogenous sequence integration, including transgene stacking, into an endogenous locus, which endogenous locus can serve as a marker for integration (e.g., the AHAS locus in which single mutations can impart herbicide tolerance). Integration of exogenous sequences can proceed through both homology-dependent and homology-independent mechanisms, and the selection of precisely targeted events is achieved through screening for a selectable marker (e.g., tolerance to a specific Group B herbicide, or ALS inhibitor herbicides such as imidazolinone or sulfonylurea) which is only functional in correctly targeted events. In a subsequent embodiment, the integration of the one or more exogenous sequences occurs by homologous recombination or non-homologous end joining.


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Plants tolerant to glyphosate have been obtained by using genes coding for mutant target enzyme 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPS). Genes and mutants for EPSPS are well known, and include mutant 5-enolpyruvylshikimate-3-phosphate synthase (EPSPs), dgt-28, and aroA genes. Best HomeKit devices: Which smart home products work well with Siri? The visit to Nygard’s home did not, of course, feature in the Court Circular. Then again, these are uncertain times, and amid worries about health, home schooling and market plunges, you may yearn for the comfort and pleasure physical intimacy can bring. One with skill in the art will recognize that an exogenous sequence can be transiently incorporated into a plant cell. Typically, the marker is incorporated into the genome of a plant cell as an exogenous sequence. In an embodiment, selectable marker genes include herbicide tolerance genes. The expression of the marker gene results in expression of a visual marker protein or in tolerance to a selection agent (e.g., herbicide, antibiotics, etc.).

For instance, selection can be performed by growing the engineered plant material on media containing an inhibitory amount of the antibiotic or herbicide (i.e., also described as a selective agent) to which the transforming gene construct confers tolerance. A wide variety of plants and plant cell systems may be engineered for the desired physiological and agronomic characteristics described herein using the nucleic acid constructs of the present disclosure and the various transformation methods mentioned above. The present disclosure encompasses the use of any transient expression system to evaluate a site specific endonuclease (e.g., ZFN) and to introduce transgenes and/or mutations within a target gene (e.g., AHAS) to result in a genomic modification. Such regeneration techniques rely on manipulation of certain phytohormones in a tissue culture growth medium, typically relying on a biocide and/or herbicide marker which has been introduced together with the desired nucleotide sequences. NGR234, Sinorhizoboium meliloti, Mesorhizobium loti, potato virus X, cauliflower mosaic virus and cassava vein mosaic virus and/or tobacco mosaic virus, See, e.g., Chung et al.

Accordingly, genes encoding, e.g., herbicide tolerance, insect resistance, nutrients, antibiotics or therapeutic molecules can be inserted, by targeted recombination, into regions of a plant genome favorable to their expression. In preferred embodiments, target plants and plant cells for engineering include, but are not limited to, those monocotyledonous and dicotyledonous plants, such as crops including grain crops (e.g., wheat, maize, rice, millet, barley), fruit crops (e.g., tomato, apple, pear, strawberry, orange), forage crops (e.g., alfalfa), root vegetable crops (e.g., carrot, potato, sugar beets, yam), leafy vegetable crops (e.g., lettuce, spinach); flowering plants (e.g., petunia, rose, chrysanthemum), conifers and pine trees (e.g., pine fir, spruce); plants used in phytoremediation (e.g., heavy metal accumulating plants); oil crops (e.g., sunflower, rape seed) and plants used for experimental purposes (e.g., Arabidopsis). The virulence functions of the Agrobacterium tumefaciens host will direct the insertion of a T-strand containing the construct and adjacent marker into the plant cell DNA when the cell is infected by the bacteria using binary T-DNA vector (Bevan (1984) Nuc. Alternative gene transfer and transformation methods include, but are not limited to, protoplast transformation through calcium-, polyethylene glycol (PEG)- or electroporation-mediated uptake of naked DNA (see Paszkowski et al. Thus, the disclosed methods and compositions have use over a broad range of plants, including, but not limited to, species from the genera Asparagus, Avena, Brassica, Citrus, Citrullus, Capsicum, Cucurbita, Daucus, Erigeron, Glycine, Gossypium, Hordeum, Lactuca, Lolium, Lycopersicon, Malus, Manihot, Nicotiana, Orychophragmus, Oryza, Persea, Phaseolus, Pisum, Pyrus, Prunus, Raphanus, Secale, Solanum, Sorghum, Triticum, Vitis, Vigna, and Zea.