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The most terrible place for the Black Panther is that the three consecutive-year-old defensive groups makes the opponent only the 19.9 branch of the union ranked second. Luke Kuechly is still in the absence of 3 games, and the first 72 clams are listed in the group, and teammates Thomas Davis is 44 individuals. Hold the team. Josh Norman, Josh Norman, basically identified the name of the first corner of his alliance, and the top of his top, the top of the league, only completed in their pair of attention 89 yards of embarrassing data (Dez Bryant), Julio Jones, Deandre Hopkin, Ty Hilton) of course There is also the uncontrolled Odel Beckham Jr., in fact, Noghman’s 46th dishes also ranked first five.

Although the black panther’s ball is not as many as other teams, it is mostly a practical player, Greg Olsen 75 times the ball 1088 yards complete 7 reaches almost a Newton pass 70% goals. The new show, Devin Funchess, 25th, 253 yards, completed 4 reaches, very good completed the need for the team’s remote ball.

In the snow, the wild horse may lose another line guard at the same time after the regular season; Broandon Marshall, Lubert Potter reveals Marshall injured in the Sunday competition, return Unexpected, but the X-ray examination is negative. Marshall is a self-proportioned member of this season’s wild horses, and the team naturally does not want to lose him in the playoffs.

Pirate quarter-saving disputes, starting positionsJosh McCown appeared confidently in the pirate of Tampawan, but now he has fallen into the largest low tide after joining. In the game ended on Tuesday, the pirate was defeated at the Atlantan Falcon. After the game, Maiju is honest, this is really too embarrassed.

According to Nfl Jerseys‘s famous reporter Ian Rapoport, Trevinsen has a surgery in Trevinon dislocation, so he has determined to bid farewell to this season. Trevanson was injured in the next half of the San Diego flash in the last Zengzi team. The 24-year-old Trevinsen is considered an important member of the wild horse guard team, but the two independent knees are hurting to him, Trevinsen is only 3 times, complete 11 times.

Patriot coach Belipk: Respect for each retired decisionAt present, six players have selected six players to take out the season. The US time is Friday, the head coach Bill Belichick said he respects the decision made by everyone.

With the US Sunday, Brown gave Pittsburgh steel people with a 9-14 defeat, the team ushered in the record of 0 wins and 11 negative records, the team’s remaining 3 games, the current fare is as long as 6 dollars, and There are 6 dollars on the top of the course, and the fare of Christmas night against San Diego lightning, the average price is between $ 51.

Cleveland Brown home ball tickets down to 6 dollars If you want to see the game of Cleveland Brown this season, then you only need to cancel a Starbucks breakfast is enough, and just a starbuck breakfast.

The maximum tool for the black panther is still ground offensive, running to Jonathan Stewart, completed 989 yards, and the Mike Tolbert completed 197 yards to squad. Buffton has brought 1812 yards and 15 Dove data for the black leopard ground.

Bailecy told reporters: “I respect all decisions, respect all players in the team. We all need to make a decision. I have adopted these people, they all explain their situation. They need to make the best decisions for themselves I also respect and support it. “

Seattle Hawks won four games in the past 5 games, and the results were raised to 5 wins and 3 losses in the season. Seattle is very likely to get 10 victories in the sixth season of regular seasons. As the strongest team in the country of the country, they have never lacking the playoffs for any season. At the offensive end, this season is still sharp, and the national association is ran in the country with a total of 274.8 yards, and the 378.6 yard’s score is also ranked third in the overall offense. The quarter walsell-Wilson also led the national association with a 2305-yard passed, and he was also a big heart player in the union. At its fourth time, his pass is as high as 132.9. Sitting in one of the best four-point guards, the Hawks will launch a favorable challenge to the top half of the season in the second half of the season.

“I think everyone needs to make their own decisions, considering their own situation.” Bailechik said, “Everyone is unique, we have different life, situation, family, environment, etc .. No two identical situation. “

If the results are not optimistic, they will directly help pirates, and the second grade quad-saved Mike Glennon has long been jumped. For pirates, injuries are also a very good excuse, and they are obviously reluctant to admit that McCahn is a mistake. However, even if the results show that the injury is hunting, the pirate may also replace the quarterfield. In the first three games, the team’s attack is not coherent, McCahn also made a few incorrect mistakes in the game.


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The Viking Fighting Group once again manufactured the ball switch, safe Wei, Anthony Harris, Cab, four-point guards, AARON RODGERS. Viking people seize the opportunity to win the first Dali, quit Kirk Cousins, Dikin 21, two, two, S-Dig, Dig, Dig, to complete the ball , Viking 10-3 packworks.

Players will help me contact cheap nfl jerseys from china China in the office of Shanghai. When they called, the people there were very excited, and many good opportunities were in front of us. I got the scheduled schedule on the schedule, I may also open a workshop, or see some cute children.I know there will be many social media related content, we will do some competitions with ordinary people, such as Datsuka Competition, Language Competition, etc. It is not limited to the fans circle, but tries to pull ordinary people, attracting their attention, and do some excellent things.

Rapoport’s report confirms this statement, he said contract negotiations “is about much more than the average annual salary”, he reiterated the two sides to restart negotiations showed sincerity. If the two sides can complete the contract, given that they had already used five-year $ 100 million contract to retain the wide receiver Amarillo – Cooper (Amari Cooper), then the Cowboys might be this offseason’s big winner.

NFL official website reporters confirmed that Oman Dora injury in local time, he revealed that the team’s current important pick-up hand is even expected to play in this week with Denver’s wild horse. Duely Dion Lewis and Julian EDELMAN have been injured, the patriot’s offensive group encounters the severe situation of the deceneous soldiers. Oman Dora 9 times before injury, pushing 117 yards, is Tom Brady’s most trusted pass target.

NFL television reporter Jane – Slater (Jane Slater) use the label as of recently reported that the main differences between them is the length of the contract. Prescott party hoped that the new four-year contract, so he can enter the free agent market is still at the peak of career opportunities.

Arms Dade will compete for a place in the giant’s running guard. Saquon Barkley is still restored to the knee in front of the next season, and the rest of the competitors include Devontae Booker and the old Corre-Klemen. Corey Clement.

Brian flores said in the press conference: “Jim is an outstanding talent, but also a firm football coach. His coach experience is a price for me. Jim is a very good teacher. , There is a bar well in everyday, I respect him. “

Prescott’s performance has been obvious to all. He did not have health problems, and his outstanding play has been enough for him to get a new contract. We just quietly waiting for the negotiations to achieve results that day.

Dolphins announced the complete coach group lineupThe US time, the official announcement of Dolphin, Jim Caldwell, will hire Jim Caldwell to serve as the team’s main coach assistant and quadruple coach.

I am very excited. The flight attendants on the flight are Shanghai people, one of which saw my radar clothes, came over to me. I explained to him my arrangement, so he asked me that I haven’t come to the mainland. We conducted a pleasant conversation, the little buddy is very good, he said that this trip will be exciting, I also hope.

Of course, it takes some time to contract negotiations, but the talks may take more time. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick – before Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) contract, Prescott’s new contract should be re-established salary benchmark quarterback. And both sides care about not only the average annual salary and guaranteed income.

[Review of the event] The sixteenth week, Monday Night: Package Work 23-10 Viking, win the name of the countryThe sixteenth week, on Monday, there was a special place between Northern Packed Makers and Viking in Northern Middle School. This is essential to the Northern Party.

I have recently got opportunities to come to NFL China internship. This opportunity is given by the player’s player’s player, and they spend my heart thinking to find a few snaps, used to enhance self, and prepare for the life after retiring. But it is really hard to say that the business, the economy, the fitness training camp is not too cold, but I will speak Chinese, and I have also been to China before, so I chose this tradition.

This decision was not totally unexpected, both sides use the label before the deadline can not agree on renewal, resulting in cowboy forced to use the label. However, according to NFL television reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Prescott cowboy and has been re-started contract negotiations, both sides want to sign long.

Oman Dora injury is hunting, this week may play this weekNew England Patriots in the wounded soldiers have ushered in a good news this week, and the injured Danny Amendola is more imagination in the injured team in the local time on Monday and Buffalo. Be optimistic. Originally, the team worried that his knee ligament had a injury, but after accepting inspections, the team announced that Oman Dora was only a knee sprain.


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Kicker Baji Li Fifth audience six kicks, including the 47 yards and 53 yards, he’s mellowed is the key in this field. Identity at cornerback named to the NBA season for a while, return man Desmond the identity matrix selected for Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China season two – gold, this field is not only completed the punt return 33 yards, also completed a kickoff returned 72 yards, creating two times the perfect starting position.

After all, the steel man completely showed the confidence of Rudolph and Mdash; & mdash; Kevin Colbert said that Rudolph was considered one of the best quarters of the draft. The best quartzworthy & mdash; & mdash; 36 years old is no longer young.

Compared to the Cowboys offense, the Seahawks offense more embarrassing, they also want to be as unabashedly as cowboy storm hit the road, running back and can attack the front line of personal strength far less than the Cowboys, and Cowboys defensive group also made anti-ran prioritize, the Seahawks’ running back one thousand yards. “- Chris Carson to escape detection, in addition cowboy defense group but also to middle linebacker Jay – Smith” monitor “Wilson’s running the ball, Cowboys defensive coordinator Chris – Richard was originally Seahawks old veterans, his understanding Seahawks offensive team makes denim upper hand in the first section.

Kufulin, Vice President of the United States Tiger: There is no excuse to talk about the future without excusesTom Coughlin, Executive Vice President, Executive Vice President of Jacksonville, surprised to meet the media on Wednesday, he said that the team is “no excuse” for the team’s current 4 wins and 7 losses.

Cofflin said that all talks between ourselves and Malone will not open outside. When he was once again asked Malong’s future, Cauffen rebuilt him will end first, and he did not cast a trust ticket for Malone. “As I have always said, we have 5 games to play, and will evaluate each of us. Everyone for us.” He said.

This is often implicit to retire to the first clear expressed hope to fight for 40 years old. If you play a 5-year ball, he will be 41 years when retiring. When he still exerts a professional bowl level, the steel man should be willing to let him continue to serve as the first. However, the problem is that when Rudolph grows, can he continue to occupy the first four-defense position?

Datou did never revealed that I was interested in playing 5 years, he said he still assessed his career length every year. “I will still consider once a year and then do everything in the year of determining the war. But I am willing to tell the management of my plan.”

At the beginning of the second half, the lightning continuous ground is weak, and the 3-speed translation of Rivers don’t choose to pass only. The wild horse defensive defender Bradley-Robie reads a direct copy of the pass route to help the offensive group gain a nice start position. Ximeian has no wasting opportunity. After continuous advancement, connect Fowler again, expand the score to 7:21.

In fact, Codewell did complete the renewal with the lions a few months ago, but the team did not disclose specific details. Kudeville and the lion were completed just a 1 year, and there is a contract option in next session. Today, the lion has not decided to Coordwell’s future, at least in the end of the season.

How does lightning offensive by winning it? The first half of the four-wave score of three wave attack start position of the attack are: Raven red zone, Raven half 42 yards, lightning half 41 yards, respectively defense group relying manufacturing Dixon running back off the ball crow , return man Desmond – gold back to attack 33 yards, Adrian – Phillips steals Jackson, defense and special teams group continue to create excellent starting position for the offensive group, but the group has a chance to attack did not catch live, or half the battle has ended.

Williams told reporters at 10.31 that he had accepted brain surgery, removing tissue proliferation possibilities for cancer, and tumor sarcoma. Tumors have been governed for about six years and recently being diagnosed.

Eagles Bears battle quite similar to the first half of the war Seahawks Cowboys, Bears offensive determined to limit the road, so all the pressure to “St. Nick” – Falls who rushed 28 yards the first half, the Eagles 13, 10 in the second half punch 14 code, the audience Bears are very firmly on the road to block the Eagles attack, in which two star defensive front Khalil – Mark and Akim – Hicks performed exceptionally brisk. The Eagles offense is to respond in Falls more short-range shot, two-tight end Zach – Erts and Dallas – Gede Te unlimited brush short pass, short pass with the Eagles offensive alternative road, the way to avoid bear Chong Chuan team the edge, but the Bears backcourt marker nor general, little to advance a few yards after the ball, so the Eagles offensive efficiency is very low.

In the last 7 minutes, Ximeian station came out to respond, a 44-size long pass directly entered the flash in a half-field, the lightning defensive group took the pressure, did not let the opponent continue to advance, wild horses and kick. Then, the flash is discovered, the wild horse is abandoned, and the game has 2 minutes left. The flash is not slow, still relying on the sports ball, the last 17 seconds, passing the picnic second-line foul, directly entering the range, the Korenghoe Koo, the English Hall, and trying to drag the game into the time. The wild horse coach group shouted in time to suspend the decline. The second shot, the wild horse defensive end Sweerby – Harris has successfully blocked the shot, the game is over!


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Schwarz said that he cared was only a routine business. “All weeks,” Schwarz said. “I used to have a visitor to the team, so I know where the team’s dressing room is, and I know where the main team is locked. This is a very important game for us. This is the scene of the game, and We have already lost. We need to win the game, whether it is for the lion or other teams. Everyone is in touch with other teams in the alliance. Each coach coached a team. These factors Both have nothing to do with the game. “

Wili said: “As a striker, his performance is the best performance I have seen between the past 5 and 6 years. His performance attracted our concern. I think he is & lsquo; best return player & rsquo; Some people, he is one of the best five strings in the league. “Because Konico himself said:” This is the best season in my career, the confrontation is very strong, and it is very tough. “

But since he has been activated, he can start training on the field. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that he will participate in training or play the game. Although 49 people originally planned to return to the competition in the middle of the season, it is impossible to ensure that Bowman can return.

If he can prove that he has resumed health, Hill may get the chance to compete in the training camp in a team. However, in view of the current economic market market and the extent to which teams are required for the demand for replacement sanquen, Hill may need to be able to get the problem before they can get the opportunity.

San Francisco 49 people activate line Wei Baoman enters a big listIn the face of the decision to be activated or put in the post-injury reserve list, the 49 people of San Francisco have been determined to gain the line to guard the Navorro Bowman to activate the big list.

According to ESPN, Miami dolphins have exchanged their external connections and the 7th round of selection of Xiuquan. The outer hand is Mike Wallace, because the team needs to trade in Kenny Stills in the morning, it takes enough salary space, so Wallace’s departure Going is inevitable.

Before the patriot running the Wij Rimi-Hill confidently close to complete injuriesBeijing July 12th, last year’s training camp, Jeremy Hill’s performance in the training camp and the preseason showed the competition in the new England Patriots. But his 2018 season has only last 1 game. He reimbursed the torn torn season in the first battle in the season.

3 times, the best lineup line, Bowman, is a terrible injury in the Championships of the last season, in the National United Chao Championship championship, his knees front cross ligament and the inner sub-ligament double tear. At the beginning of the season, he was put into the list of injuries and could not play, and he did not train with the team.

Bill defensive coordinator does not care about the elderly gooseThe former Lion coach Jim-Schwar Schwartz is currently a new defensive coordinator in Buffalo, which may get the red recruit for the hometown of the lion in this week. Schwarz said he didn’t care about this.

Thompson is the 6-round show of Minnesota Vijing 2015, last season stayed in the training list of the Carolina Black Leopard, and he also passed the short working in the Detroum lion and New Orleans. The leopard officially cut him on August 12.

Bill Manager: Bremen is the best return playerBuffalo Bill Handmade Ridge – Because of Richie Incognito This season’s performance is bright. But the front line player has received the attention to the 2012 season. He was involved in the team of Miami dolphins, which caused him to stay away cheap jerseys From china the stadium for 18 months.

Biel coach Rex Ryan never taboo uses a problem player, because Konico is not expected to play in the new East, the best season in the 9-year career. According to the PFF scoring system, all the sharpeners of the Alliance due to the current total score of Kinko. Doug Whaley, Doug Whaley, said that Billo should be the “best return player” this season.

Fang Di is 25 years old. At 10 games last season, this season will be the first left truncation of the regular season. On Friday’s game, the sea eagle had to let Riss Audiambo and Luke Joeckel position as the left side of the left.


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Newton is the MVP in the 2015 season. After the end of the season, I have a surgery for my right shoulder. The current recovery is good, but Newton has not participated in the pass training during the mini training camp. He is considered to train on July 26 Return and started to train.

Fans borrow billboards to express dissatisfaction with SuIt can be said that the fans of the Detroit Lion are very dissatisfied with the team does not give Endamo-Suh, which is very dissatisfied with the privilege label. Of course, there is also a fan feel that this is the fault.

At the same time, Wilson has participated in the human decision of the Hawie. According to Perry Roh, Wilson hired a new offensive coordinator Shanewne Waldron in the Hawien’s “Shane Waldron”. Wilson also encountered the Hawie to sign the outside of Antonio Brown, but the latter finally joined Tampawan pirates.

Before the game with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ravens offensive group in total yards of offense (354.7 yards) aspects in the league 15. All it seemed to make last year’s team doing so well either leave or injured players.

According to the official NFL Network reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Perryman indefinitely absent again after a cruciate ligament injury after knee in the last game of the pre-match warm. He has accepted the surgery.

Robinson is the first round show in Saints in 2010. It has also been treated with the eagle, lightning and ponymats before returning to New Orleans. After the old Janoris Jenkins was treated, Robinson was originally a strong competitor of the second corner. Even the head Thaen Payton is also known to the Robinson’s decision until Tuesday.

“Russel Wilson signed short, 4 years contract, this sometimes hinders the Hawks to spend money to reinforce the other positions of the lineup. At the same time, Russell always wants something else, he is always Go to the management say, & lsquo; we should do this, we should do it. & Rsquo; he is a very energetic person, he is always trying to make himself better, let the team become better, I think I think At some time, sometimes the Hawks will say, & lsquo; You guesses how to lastel, you can start with a new beginning in other teams, we will find new quarter-offs in the future. & Rsquo; “

This Ravens offensive team eager to create offensive is obviously a big blow. The team this year in the first two draft picks spent on game-changer wide receiver and tight end (Max – Williams (Maxx Williams)) body. Williams the ball just five times this season.

According to cheap nfl Jerseys from china‘s famous media people Ian Rapoport, San Francisco 49 people were preparing to negotiate with Chadkinski and intend to serve as the team’s attack coordinator. However, in Pagano struggle, the pony is still retaining Chadkinski, Pagano said: “We are very happy to stay Chadkinski, he is the key figure of our coach group, hope In the future, we can work together to build a successful team. “

Pedon said: “He has made a decision, and we respect this. He will open a new life, we must use the existing person to make adjustments. He is not willing to let anyone disappoint, the bottom is time, I respect this. “

Ravens wide receiver Perryman undergoing knee surgeryOpening three-game losing streak to Mowu Baltimore Ravens have not seen outside of their injured first-round pick to take over the mine Shad – Perryman (Breshad Perriman) had to play a file.

In the last season, he came to the Pony at last season, served as a special assistant of Chuck Pagano. He has been “entanglement” before coming to the Pony, and he has worked in the Brown team in 2004 and 2007-08. In the 2013-14 season, he returned to Brown to serve as a head coach, but due to management The idea is not combined with a bad record, just a season, it will be held.

Wilson’s 55th Super Bowl and NFL President Roger Gudel watched in the same box and witnessed Brown to help pirates won. The reason why Wilson can watch the game is because the Hawks have been eliminated in the outer card.

During the peak, Wilson was one of the top quarters. In the last 2 seasons, he is considered to be one of the popular candidates of MVP every season. However, the Hawo has not found a way to return to the top state of the superbit in the superbit for two consecutive years.

The Hawks were killed 5 times in the Los Angeles ram in this playoffs. Recently, he said that he was killed in the last season. It was one of the reasons why Hawks could not succeed. This is actually telling management: looking for better protection of my players.

Wilson has always been a player who is fully investigated on the court. Obviously he brings such a style to the closed meeting. But all NFL teams run are limited. After the participation of Wilson’s participation over the past few years, it is not difficult to find that the Hawks have begun to feel bored, especially when Wilson publicly expresses themselves.

“There is always one day, I don’t know, maybe it is not too far away, Wilson will be in addition to the team exceeded Seattle Hawks,” Galago said. “I don’t want to say that the relationship between the two parties is tense, but Wilson has been requesting & mdash; & mdash; By the recent contract negotiation, the situation will become nervous in the last 2 contract negotiations. Russell and brokers will Tough sticks to the salary you can get every minute. This is not the contract negotiations like Patrick Mahomes. “


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The upcoming Bush is the first seven games last season. In Bush’s nine years of career, he effects over Falcon, wild horses, saints, lions and Billo team. Last season Bush is a good performance in Bill No. 3 safe, contributing 45 hugs and 1.5 times. The Bush career has a total of 242 times, 3.5 times and 3 copies.

After the lightning signed off-attack, Dun Ru No longer has a leaxation value. In the alliance effective for 9 years, he was turned off in March this year. He has a chance to find other items but eventually choose to retire.

Bridide’s rookie race has fluctuated, from time to time, it will show an amazing manufacturing and anti-transformation capability, but it is often in struggling. He first issued 15 games last season, contributing 66 hugs and twice to make the ball. Bridel was originally struggled to compete with Deangelo Hall from the injury, and the red skin hoped that this young corner can have a quality in his career. Improve, to make up for the red-skinned defensive second line.

But after Van Devik arrived in Minnesota, he immediately lost his mind, cheap Jerseys and 4 free kicks tried to live once. And the opposite of the old will play the ball – Beiler, but it is stable, and 3 free kick try all hits.

Bill signed the old Safety Kott-Coleman replaced Raphael BushOn July 20, the United States has signed the next year, Bill and the old Safety, Kurt Coleman, to fill in the league to fight for the nine seasons will safely Wei Sahael-Bush ( Rafael bush decides to decide the gap.

According to Sporting News reporter Michael McCarthy, this current CBS hopes that the new contract annual salary is at least 10 million US dollars. Such salary will make him the highest paid sentence, far more than Troy Aikman (US $ 7.5 million) and Jon Gruden ($ 6.5 million).

Viking people cut off the kick – Van DevikBeijing September 1st, Kaare Vedvik, who didn’t stay in Weijing how long did you stay. Viking people with a five-round sign from the crow to give Van Devik, only three weeks, the Viking people still decided to cut off Van Devik.

The 31-year-old Kerman is played in the Saints last season. The first season will be the ten seasons of this old will be in the NFL. It is worth mentioning that Coleman and the current Bill coach Sean McDermott is the old man, 2010, Coleman’s eagle in the rookie ranking in McDemote; later 2015 and 16 seasons and coaches in the black panther two seasons.

Red-skinned Bavrande will absent the training camp due to injuriesAccording to NFL’s famous media, Ian Rapoport, Washington Red-Lee 2nd Corner Washing Bashaud BREELAND will absence the remaining training camp due to lack of ligament in the knee. Previous Billand has violated the drug abuse policy of the NFL Alliance because of holding marijuana, the penalty of the ban on the ban.

At present, Bill lineup is a first security guard in MICAH HYDE and Jordan Poyer, and Coleman will make a third replacement. At the same time, the second grade safety siran-Siran Neal and this year’s six-round Xiu Qi’an-Jaquan Johnson also competes for the seat of the third security.

White is a six-round season of the chief last season, gains 11 hugs for the chief, and obtains 11 clams, 1 copy and 3 times destroyed. Chuck Pagano said that Davis is not a decision of the coach, and has nothing to do with injuries. Davis is expected to return to the competition in the 10th week.

Tony Romo seeks annual salary of millions of dollars contractsBeijing March 26, Tony Romo and CBS, the explanation contract has entered the last year, according to reports, he is looking for a large amount of salary.

In addition to TV media competitors such as Amazon, ESPN, AAF and XFL two emerging alliances also intentionally let Romo will go to the coach. In January, there was a report that the CBS plans to give Romo salary. At present, these are worth it.

With excellent tactical prediction, Romo is famous, and he is full of “watching type, knowing tactics”. At the same time, Luo Mo also has no lack of enthusiasm, charm, intelligence, and humor, it is the ideal nephew. With the front teammates, Jason Witten, now I have returned to play, and Romo is not a star.

Pony claims corner D.J. White replenishment defensive group When Sunday, when he was in Texas, the Pony did not activate the angular Wan Vantai – Davis (Vontae Davis), in order to prevent this situation, it is not enough, they choose to claim DJ White (DJ White) Join him to the list of 53 people. The offensive front line member Tirun – DILLION DAY is therefore abandoned.


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“I think there is this possibility. On the other hand, after I left, you didn’t see the eagle players wearing a jersey on the 25th, so you can never know,” McCoo said. “But I will consider all options. I think I may join the eagle. As I said, there is home, you can never know.”

Old will run Wei Raolian-McKai: or consider the end of the eagleLe Shean McCoy promoted more than 11,000 yards in his career, 6 times selected professional bowl, 2 times selected the best lineup, and won the super bowl of championship in the beginning of this year.

The bear plans to make the left striker this season, Josh Sitton, who digs from the free market, as a right lotion. Eric Kush This week is a misfortune for them because the tendon tear season reimbursement is a misfortune.

One degree is the Philadelphia Eagle starting running guards in McCay in Buffalo, adding to the coach group. He still played excellent in Bill, but was cut off before the beginning of last year. Soon he joined the Chief of Kansas City, but eventually lost the first position due to injuries. Today, McCaki has a full-end period considering its future home. He is listening to the offer, but it is not anxious to sign.

“This is the last journey. I finally put on my career in the last time. I want to leave in the way I join the league,” Macquay said. “Work hard and have some success. cheap nfl jerseys from china what I feel, I may play another year, but I will definitely play another year, just play my own mark.”

In theory, McCay may already be sufficient to be selected. But his career has not ended. In an interview, McCoo said that he will return to the 12th season, and we hope to end your career in a suitable way.

The back of this sharp line is currently working with new quarters & mdash; & mdash; is currently Mike Glennon, which will be Michelle-Trubisky & mdash; & mdash And the offensive front line that has just been repaired is a good news. Lang has confirmed that it will play a regular season.

Cleveland’s reporter wrote: “I think Kase will compete with Cody Kessler and BROCK OSWEILER, for their salary. His learning is very fast And his physical quality and technology are all liked by the team’s coaches, including body, mobile capabilities, and arm power. He also takes time to learn professional tactics and learn to read defensive groups, but if he keeps current Express, he has the opportunity to get the first opportunity. “

Although so, doing dirty and living on a fishing team’s attack front line is not a favorable condition for your name. When Thomas met this year Brown’s first round of Show Near David David, he was reminded.

On the day of the draft day, the crow official insisted that the new season Vlaco is still the first quarter-free Jackson takes time to grow. They remind people not to rush to Jackson when they conclude.

Kyle Lang ankle fracture first return to the team trainingOn August 10th, although he would not play the first battle on the preseason of the Malaysia on Thursday night, the Kyle Long, which has taken the bear stroke, has taken an important step.

Fraco: Don’t choose the four-point guardian Jackson because of the crowBaltimo 乌 卫 卫 卫 – Joe Flacco’s first open comment on the first time of the team’s first round show 4 points Wei Maljar Jackson (Lamar Jackson). His attitude canceled any concerns about his and the latter.

Thomas said in the twitter: “The most funny moments tonight is David – Qiaoku asked me if it was a coach.” He then said: “I told him that I am a player and coach. Most of my time I am coach, But you will see me in the game. “

In this alliance, there are different training methods for rookies, some teams will make their young quadrant to study on the court, and some will directly get on the field. I don’t know the last decision of Brown.

Vlaco repeatedly stressed that he didn’t pay attention to his future. “When you pick a quadrant or any player in the first round, this has a certain meaning,” Fraco said. “I don’t know what this means. I don’t know what this is clear. But my job is not worried about this means. My work continues to keep the work in the past 10 years and help the team win.”

Johnson was the most reliable offensive player last season, and he took a total of 1041 yards. In all the alliances, his number of batches (74 times) and the number (693 yard) are ranked fourth and third.

Cleveland Brown and Run Duke – Johnson Recycling for 3 yearsCleveland Brown reinforces the running guard by checking the old Carlos Hyde and choosing the new Shik Nick – Nick Chubb), but this does not mean Duke Johnson will lose his own. Location.

Although Hyde and the investigations are expected to be responsible for the first two stars, Johnson will contribute to the pass attack. Taking into account the new offense coordinator Todd Haley, the successful tactics developed by the Pittsburgh steel man, Johnson’s opportunity in the 2018 season may increase.

The relationship between Vlaco and Jackson is a topic, because Jackson was selected in Jackson, and Huakako did not immediately contact him immediately. Previously, Fraco refused to comment on the team draft during an interview.


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Shuque coach: study to the crow, surround the quarter-point Wei Murray to create a teamThe Baltimore Crow is built around the four points to lamar Jackson. The result is the most popular person selected in the second season.

When I was asked how to look at Harva, Wilson had answered: “I have a very similarity to him, all the people who have a high demand for themselves, eager to win all the games. We all hope to be able Take the ball in hand, I don’t quite understand why the media should always stir the things, I guess this is the professional player must face. Just like I have been talking to others, I have to ignore those sounds. “

“I feel that from the size of the 16 games, I can clearly feel that we can let our teammates and where he is best,” Jinsbury said. “I really think that we will have a great dialogue in next year. & Lsquo; how we need to adjust, what change do we need to make? & Rsquo; this is a process every week.”

Houston, 30-year-old Houston, torn in front of the knee in September, therefore missed most of the 2016 season competition. He obtained 8 killing 36 times in the 2015 season. The bear team signed him in 2014, but he missed 22 games in three seasons.

“You see Baltimore for a year, it is almost figured: Ramar is the best, what kind of player we want to introduce?” Said Kliff Kingsbury, Cleek, Clee, Kliff Kingsbury. “We will build offensive groups around Keller, what is best for him, then you can maximize him as a quarter-saving talent.”

Houston’s knee injury is not serious. If a team is interested in him, he will prepare for training next week. There are several teams that may become his ideal. But when he is ready to return to the game or an unknown.

Wilson said in an interview: “There is no problem between the team’s locker room. There is no problem between teammates. Everyone is growing, all don’t have to maintain the dressing room atmosphere, I don’t suspect the friendship between the teammates. I believe that my teammates are struggling towards victory. We are still super bowls to compete. This is my teammate, not like reporting. “

Wilson denied that there is a small group in the HawkRecently, due to the influence of Percy Harvin trading incident, all kinds of rumors of the Haiying team were very rushing, and there was news that Harvin was traded, and the team broke due to different views of the transaction. Two factions. In order to calibrate the speech, the core quarter of the team’s core quarter-free Wilson said that he was very happy to be in the sea eagle, no team is better than the Hawks.

Summary: Chiefs and Chong Hands Okakada regreshed one yearUS time on Tuesday, according to NFL NetWork reporters reported that the old man-Alex Okafor is re-signed with the chief, and successfully found the footpoint before the training camp.

In the first shipment, Murray achieved 3 wins and 7 losses 1 flat record, and the passing of 2703 yards 14 times to the 5 times passed, the passage success rate reached 64.6%. He also won the ball to get 418 yards 3 times.

Wild Horse This season 12 wins and cheap jerseys 4 wins, with the second seed of the United States, the first game of the three-day wheel, the team’s first game will begin on January 11. The team’s young and a forced coach became one of the most credible people. However, Gates currently said that he just concentrate on how to return the wild horse again to the super bowl: “This opportunity is very good, many people meet me Discussing the coach, this makes me surprised, but I still have to focus on the war we are about to begin. “

Okafor has also been a member of the chief in the past two years. In the 2019 season, he was retired in advance due to injury, and 2020 was also on the 11th regular season. During this time, Okafor completed 8 kills, 38 times.

Gain will meet with the management of 49 people in San Francisco on Friday, then in Saturday he will meet with the management of the Chicago Bear team, and Buffalobier also said that it will be with this 36 years old. Coach doing communication.

Manning said that he attaches great importance to Gees’ opinions: “It is very important to communicate with him. I understand that he needs me to fight for him. Of course, his current opportunity is quite good. This is the affirmation he should get, of course those The stress of the team with him will be great. “

In the 2013 season, the wild horses have become the first single game for 600 teams, and Gez said: “It has been very special in the past three years, winning those games, impact the super bowl, then defeat, some things you can’t make guarantees “

Gain began to serve in the post of the quarter-off coach in 2011, the quarter-saving Tim Tebow, who defeated the Pingsburg steel in that season, then Pedon Man PEYTON Manning arrived, he transformed into an offensive coordinator.


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But after the 2013 season, in addition to the performance of the field, his personal life also triggered people worry, he also publicly conflicted with the time-owned coach Greg Schiano. After three games, he was cut off by piracy.

The quarter-assault, the first round of the first round of the 2009 drainage was considered to be the triumph of the team, and he first sent a 59 game for them. His career best season is in 2012, passing 4605 yards 27 times to 17 times.

Dolphin Safety Eric – Eric Rowe said: “This is very strong for us. He is the leader in the team, stimulating the team energy. I also determine that his feelings will be worse, because he loves the game, No one will want to infect new crown. “

Dolphin quartz Wei Len-Fitz Patrick infected new crownOn Thursday, US Time reports, according to ESPN reporters, Dolphin’s old four-point guardian-Fitzpatrick new crown detection positive, will absence the closing battle against Bocera.

Dickson was a 1983 lodge. The rookie season completed 1808 yards, the 2105 code in 1984 was the most important record of the NFL single seasons. He has played a four-season game team, he was in the 1983 season. By the 1987 season, the best player is the most popular player during that period, and his jersey is the best sales.

Dolphins signed Jake Rudock on Thursday, which is expected to take him as a substitute for Tua Tagovailoa. If the Bill is better in the closing battle, the dolphins can ensure a seating seat. If the loss is lost, the dolphins will hopes that the team in Brown, Pony or the crow cannot win.

Dickson received an interview: “I am very happy this moment, because when I left the ram, I always remember the ram, I will always be a member of the Los Angeles ram. I never thought about leaving this team. Even if I was traded at the time, I was very sad at the time and the sadness of the fans. “

Capenke successfully stayed in 53 people in the team, but the team coach-Kelly announced that BLINE Gabbert will be in the first week of the Los Angeles ram. Star four-point guard. Katnik will serve as a substitute, Christian Ponder will serve as a three-point guard.

Capenik has been a salary of $ 11.9 million to be guaranteed and he can get 2 million dollars award bonus based on his appearance time. After this year, his contract also included nearly $ 25 million injury security income.

“If they have these injuries guarantee income in the future,” Garlao said. “You may see (Robert Griffin Type), they will not let him have a lot of play times because they are afraid that he will be injured.”

Fremiman was effective in the 2013 season for Minnesota, and then joined the New York Giants in 2014. In addition to the pony, he also made the Brooklyn Dolphin and the autumn experimental football alliance.

Capenik levy is not unhappy. He made a good performance in the last preseason, and the team was completed and showed a better arm force than the previous game. However, Gibot’s almost all-end period is the first quarter-off in the Kelly offensive group, while Kelnik is treated during treatment during this period.

David Johnson passed the medical examination, the sapphire transaction is about to complete The US time, the David Johnson announced that he has been announced by the social media, and he is expected to join Houston Texas.

Last month, Hopkins and a four-wheeled sign were traded by Texas, in exchange for Johnson, two-wheel signs and a 2021 four-wheel sign. Johnson has had a single season’s total ranking of 2000, but the adjustment of injury and offensive tactics makes his importance increasingly decline.

He said: “We can always hear some players say” Let me leave a little trail in the league. “It’s really tired, I will tell you what is trace, not how much money, don’t have more famous, this is a journey, walk to the end. You need to have yourself this year. thing, since the 1960s, has been 55 years, and I tell you, we have five Super Bowl, I do not care how much you get here, you need to work, 55,5,50 you understand? 55-5 = 50. I don’t care about you here, don’t care about you here, please make sure you insist on this year, you are the best team worth this super bowl. “

Johnson and External Deandan Deandre Hopkins have passed the physical examination, meaning that the transaction of the Texas people’s fans is still going to travel. According to NFL NetWork reporters, transactions will be completed soon.

However, Cheap jerseys since 90 years later, Owen’s leaving, the Dallas denim missed the Super Bowl for one year. Recently, on the global ceremony of Cowboy, Owen issued a speech to encourage the denim to fight for 50 superbals.


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29-year-old Jones believes that he is worth paying more salary and is willing to use absence training to prove its view. Every day, the Falcon, the Falcon, which is absent, every day, has the right to impose a fine of up to 40,000 US dollars.

Buckley is also a new show that the first five games have been promoted in the first five games in Adrian Peterson and Kareem Hunt. He completed at least 24 yards in four games, including 68 yards, 57 yards and two times.

The door of the free market is about to open, and the eagle is also considered a signal to transform the position of the wire guard. Star Jobs Braham has become a free player, Casey Matthews is also very likely to leave the team. Demeco Ryans, last season, the same, it is also possible to face the possible possible.

For the Jacksonville American Tiger, this is a dream season: since the first promotion of the playoffs since the 2007 season, since the first time in the 1999 season, the Jagua made all the fans saw the power from the southeast corner of the United States. . This season, the success of the Jenan Tiger thanks to the powerful defensive group (four players selected for professional bowls, all from the defensive group: AJ-Bowa, Jay Ramse, Carlayis – Campbell, Malik – Jackson) and a powerful pavement offensive (consisting of Lylnad, Chris Efrey, and TJ-Yaleton). But the extremely lack of the attack, so that the Jaguchi is too much like a quarter of the offensive end, and the mediocrity of Bowle Bottles is the mediocrity of the United States, so that the American tiger has smiled and the ball is a laughter. Lack of passing attacks and playoffs experience, is still the largest haze on the prospect of the Jirai season.

In the case of the three years left in Jones, the Falcon does not want to meet his renewal requirements. Previous reports pointed out that the Falcon Management has already rebuilt contracts after Jones’ s promises to Jones. But it is obvious that this concession is not enough for Jones.

The Falcon started the schedule of the new season, wholesale Jerseys and they will face the Philadelphia Eagle, Carolina Black Leopard and the New Orleans Saints. If the a Jones is not a good performance when the Jones is missing, it may be destroyed in advance for the whole season. If you really have this situation, then the falcon will meet the demands of Jones?

Black Leopard Line Guard: The behavior of Saint fans is very shamefulIn a focus battle this week, the New Orleans Saints were lost in Carolina Black Leopard. In the game, the Saint players lost their people, and some of their actions were deemed to be obviously harmful by the black panther. In fact, not only the performance of the player causing the opponent, but the fans also angered the opponent. THOMAS DAVIS said that the actions of the black panther fans were very shameful.

Although the falcon has been considered unlikely to meet the requirements of Jones in the case of the contract, Jones is currently using their unique weight & mdash; & mdash; dismissal & mdash; & mdash; to force the team to behave. He is absent from the training camp means he is willing to use the last card in your hand. How long will he absent the training depends on how long the team has further responded to him. If the final Jones is willing to ask a salary increase through absent competitions, then the situation may become very serious.

Relevant sources, the Cowboys are very optimistic about Collins, the team hopes he can play first week as a starter. Currently Cowboy has Tail-Smith, the team or will ask Collins as a right cut or left striker. For cowboy, this signing has made the original powerful offensive front line such as Tiger, the team has greatly improved in the depth of lineup.

[Events Preface] In the playoffs, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United StatesThe competition of the Second Outer Cards of the United States of America is carried out between Buffalo Bore and Jacksonville. The Mei Dian Jin Bill has completed counterattack in the last week of the regular season, replacing the crow became an ECF team. Although the two teams have not entered the seasons for a long time, this game is actually the second trip in the history of the two teams. The last time I need to be traced back to the 1996 Jianfang card, at the time of the Jagu 30-27 Sorrow Bill; and the two teams have been successfully victorious at 28-21 on the 12th week of last season. In the face of the legs, the American tiger will never let this go to the mouth.

“I have never seen such an run.” Bennet said on Tuesday, “He reminded me of several people, the anesthes, the anesthes, Marshawn Lynch, the ability to balance the Shandian-Wheat Kesean McCoy, the speed is like Jamal Charles. He seems to have the advantage of these people. “

Eagle signage front packaging line Wei JonesLast week, Green Bay packaging announced that it was declared to Brand Jones. Although the field performance is more struggling, Jones’s experience and allocation still attracts the attention of other teams. After only one week, Philadelphia eagle announced the contract with Jones. According to people familiar, the eagle and Jones have reached a two-year new contract, and the contract amount has not been disclosed.