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The patriot has lost the Di Dian – Dion Lewis and Julian EDELMAN, which seems to have provided greater possibilities for Bill win. Defense After Nickell Robey, “This will be a good game, let us walk. This is the competition between two great teams, I respect them, they have won 9 But who will win the partition champion? I can’t admit it is them. I am a player, I am proud of this, I will not give the championship. “

Wild horses take over Thomas hopes that the four-point guard competition ends as soon as possibleBeijing July 8th, when the training camp in July, the competition in some locations will gradually heat.

Thomas also said that the wild horses took over, the quarterfield, near-end and running guards will hold private pass training camps after about one week. Thomas hopes that these training can help two quadrants.

Thomas’ s hope for Cheap Jerseys From China the position of the four-guard position will not force the wild horse coach group to make a decision in the two people. But you can understand why Thomas may want to make him a pass on him as soon as possible.

One of the most interesting positions in this year will be the four-defense position of Denver Mangma, the current first Terevon, Tremian, will be in the first round of the first round of Xiopchston – Lynch (Paxton Lynch) Division.

When Thomas received an interview on Friday, he said he hoped that the position of the four-defense position can be “about a week and a half after the start of the training camp,” in front of us to San Francisco “.

Amari cooper is still in the recovery, he is injured before he is in the recovery. The team does not want to operate.

The giant first round of Xiandrere – Deandre Baker has sprained, but the front cross ligament is hunting, and the injury needs to recover the day. External Hand Anba – Amba Etta-Tawo tears alard tendon in training.

The former dolphins are signed with 49 people in San Francisco. Accordingly, the tumor fracture and the right ankle dislocation of Sharon Coleman is added to the injury reserve list.

Texas people defensive end-strike J.J.Watt (J. J. Watt) inguinal discomfort has no problem, regression training.

Before the palsy hooded falcon, Calvin Ridley has returned to training, and the status is “not bad” according to the coach.

Titan signed offline James Folston, cut off the line Wei Qiao Dan – Jordan Williams.

The three-point guardian andrew luck will not participate in this week. Parris Campbell (leg bib) is slightly recurred.

The original raid, Texas Safety, Marcus Gilchrist, went to pirate training.

The lion signed the corner of Jamar Samers, cut off the corner Muscus – Cooper (Marcus Cooper Sr.).

Brown defensive end Chel Chad Thomas was trained in the middle and neck injuries that were injured, and the medical car was deposited. At present, he has been transferred to university hospital for further examination. Near David – Njoku) did not participate in training due to knee soreness.

The rickets claimed outside the road Wei Jeff – Jeff Holland.

Packaging workers sign the Tommy Bohanon.

Lightning signing defensive end Thomas Costigan, gives up the near-end Edward Vollert.

The patriot re-signed the offensive front line member Cole Croston, cutting out the rookie defensive defender Dianjulo Rose (D & RSQUO; Angelo Ross).

Although both parties are interested in this cooperation, Le Bo is still willing to accept interviews of other teams. At present, the only thing we can determine is that Lebo will continue to be a defensive coordinator to fight the 2015 season.

Wild horses will be trained with 49 people in San Francisco before the second appearance of San Francisco on August 19th. Thomas’s timetable means a higher expectation for two-point guards that have a flash point in the break.

After joining the management of the wild horse, Elvi has repeatedly operated in the free player market. He signed the most important free players in the 21st century Peiton Manning, and he also attracted a professional bowl level of excellent players, such as Demarcus Ware, Aquibu-Tower AQIB Talib, TJ Ward (TJ Ward) and Emmanuel Sanders.

The original defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will be very likely to accept the work of the main coach, and the vacancies left by the position have made the red tones have to start acting in the coach market. . Insatiscically, Le Bo is very interested in the red tones. It is that he took the initiative to contact Arianus to make that conversation. At the same time, the red scitch is also happy to make further transformation and upgrades on the powerful defensive group.

Former steel person defensive coordinator is expected to join the red tonesPittsburgh steelman defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau announced last week to leave the steel man, although there is a rumor that he will choose to retire, but Le Bo clearly denied this saying in the interview. A few days later, Lebury’s trend once again became the focus of attention. Pittsburgh local media revealed that Lebo has got in contact with Arizona Red Coltar, Bruce Arians, and he is very able to appear again in the race in the next season.


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2008 season red squash relies on what to kill the super bowl? Passing the ball and then passing the ball! The defensive group never focuses on the patrue, so the loss of rumors cheap jerseys From China 08 to 10 seasons are alliances 28th, 14th and 30th; but since the 11th quarter, the murder ranking is 17th, steps 17, 7, 5 and 13, the parabola is clearly rising, how can the defensive group rise rapidly? During this period, the red scitch changed three defensive coordinators, Ray-Horton in 2011 into the main defensive group, 2013 showed another high; 2013 Todd-Bauce became a defensive coordinator, this spring Become a coach of the New York Qing Bang; then this year’s new James Bercher, in the shape of the shape, three people omitcoula, but in fact, the three people are mutual inheritance, and the defensive strategy is also small and small. Cao Rong, Hordon prefers the whole army’s assault; and Balls raided along with a small defensive lineup; Bercher played a small lineup to the ultimate, and there was a planned use of plans.

For pony fans, this is only another example of the disaster performance during the team in Griffs. Chris Ballard, Chris Ballard, has been cut off Jones, Line Guide Squate Jackson (D & # 39; QWELL Jackson), Patrick Robinson and traded nearby Dwayne Allen.

And the three seasons after the flush, reconstructed the front line, let Carson-Palmer, Larry Felzgelad, etc., will reply to youth, the flying lighting tactics, excellent draft, etc., etc. Aliis is a born coach. What is more worth noting is that Aliis coats the red tones in less than three seasons, but the team’s upper and lower high-level trust is like Bailecy’s patriot, which is also a great place to coach, red The influence of the coach begins to take a full league.

Smith said he found that the sharp rhythm is relatively faster in the pair training with the defensive cutoff, Geno Atkins. Attack front line coach Paul Alexander considered that Smith’s transformation was very successful.

In April next year, Romo is about 36 years old. Many people think that cowboy should be prepared, picking up young quarter-offs in the draft, but Galt does not seem to this plan: “Romo has a great career, injury is unavoidable to any team. We I believe he will start again, focus on the future. “

Shazore said: “I still have the heart of the celebrities, I still want to be the best line guards of NFL. I will not give up my own goals, don’t let me not give up. I will continue to work hard, I hope to be as soon as possible return.”

Like many free players who have left the Baltimo crulphae before leaving Baltimo, Jones expresses the courage of the past three seasons. He has only played 17 games in the past three years due to the injury and violation of the banned drugs. He missed the entire 2015 season due to an ankle injury. Jones only got 53 times during the effective pony.

4 defensive front lines, 1 internal line guard, then the Red Tit should often use ten guards (6 defensive guards)? At least the person is indeed. They will send two corner guards (Patrick Pitterson and Jerot – Powers), two Darewei (La Sahad Johnson and Tyran-Matthew) and two strong guards (Tony Jefferson and Dion – Bukanno), 4 security guards on the field, what is the wonderful array? Just as the red scitch declared himself to play 3-4 defensive formation, rarely truly sent three defensive front lines of Zhengzi, and 4 security guards of the red ramp also had “some people” false news.

Galt: Romo’s career has a long time Dallas Cowboy 4-point Douney Romo (Tony Romo) This season has a second time, and this time he has completed his 2015 season. This is also the third championship in the 2010 season. The main coach Jason Galrett believe that this will not affect the career of Romo. The contract of Romo and Cowboy will expire in 2019.

“I think Andre has an opportunity to become an excellent strike,” Alexander said, “he will learn from the most basic technology this year, and then gradually understand the attack. If we choose him before the season, he will change right. Motion, it will definitely not. But now have these preparation time, I think there is no problem. “

Galert said: “We think that Romo’s career will have a long time. I don’t think that such injuries will affect his future career, he will become more and better. Every day he will have some Advance, every week will be different, we can see this change. Rugby will continue to accompany him in the future. “

On the previous season, only 344 defensive three-grade line Wendai-Mantang became the most important, and the only full-time private line guard on the field, he almost participated in the defense of each gear, 1/4 chance participated in the raid Bi, so his game form is the only inner line guard and high-punch proportion, which looks quite strange, but this is not uncomfortable for the red scitch itself, Hordon has Darier – Washington, Bauers There is a Rari-Ford, and their defensive formation may always only need the internal defense of a standard body, but also frequently raid, is a full-time rushing person of the team’s inside.


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But fans still didn’t expect to be so bad. The three games, the number of cowboy has been promoted by 277.7 Ranking League Rankings third, and the average score 13.7 Rank countdown second, the average passed forward 145 yard rankings second. Only the comprehensive performance of the rickets is worse than the cowboy, and this team has just chose to make the new show, Rosen, served as the first quarter-off.

Jackson mentioned that he ran out of his 2,4.29 seconds, the laser score was 4.29 seconds, and he thought it was faster now. He also trained with the four Olympic Golden Holders Michael Johl Johnson, which is also his self-confidence source.

Cowboy coach: Attack temporarily no major changeBeijing September 26th, most fans guess the cowboy offense may not look too good: an unnamed external group, the offensive front line that is injured is difficult to make the prospects unclear. Most of Cowboy’s score seems to be pinned in Ezekiel Elliott.

Gats will be 38 years old this year, and last year did not participate in the number of offensive files of too many teams, but if there is a chance, he still hopes to continue playing. Lightning has been determined that the near-end Edane Antonio-Gates continues to stay. They have passed the social media to bid farewell, and express their future blessings and their contributions to the past.

Galert told reporters: “We will not choose the way. I believe (the ability of the attack coordinator) Scott Linehan. He has always been one of the outstanding coordinators of the alliance. It is also our outstanding staff, which is very good. What we need to do is to improve offense, reflect on your coaching ability, and make players integrate into the game arrangement. “

“I hope that the results can be within 4.27 seconds,” Jackson said when I was interviewed. “This is my own goal, it is my effort. I certainly want to break the record, but this kind of thing can not think about it. I have to give myself a realistic goal, if I can break a record while achieving this goal is also beautiful. “

Tom Telesco said: “Antonio is not just one of the greatest players of the flash, is also one of the best people in wholesale nfl Jerseys history. He is difficult to replace in this organization, no matter Under the game, San Diego or Los Angeles. Language is not enough to express his great personality as a player. This decision is really difficult & hellip; & hellip; I do this line for 20 years, a lot of contact Players, some have entered the famous Hall, but no one can make Gats. “

Tom Telesco said: “Antonio is not just one of the greatest players of the flash, is also one of the best people in NFL history. He is difficult to replace in this organization, no matter Under the game, San Diego or Los Angeles. Language is not enough to express his great personality as a player. This decision is really difficult & hellip; & hellip; I do this line for 20 years, a lot of contact Players, some have entered the famous Hall, but no one can make Gats. “

Gates have been selected for 8 times, and all-PRO is selected five times, it is the number of flashlights of the flashlight (927), the number of ball code is first (11508) and the number of times the first (114).

Main Coach – Jackson (Hue Jackson) Review Kaiser: “I think Te Shaowen can do what you can complete a good game. He strive to compete for the four-point guard, he let offense, defense and special service The group is full of vitality. Let’s take a skill together. I saw a better future today, one can become more powerful. “

Hoyel was in the team 20-27 Loaded in the competition of the Indianapolis. Ryan Mallett, Ryan Mallett, after the game, 31 passed 24 times completed 312 yards 2 times At the last moment of the last moment of the game, he was unable to return to the sky.

Lightning will not be with the near-end Edane – Gates RenewalLightning has been determined that the near-end Edane Antonio-Gates continues to stay. They have passed the social media to bid farewell, and express their future blessings and their contributions to the past.

San Francisco 49 people team ended training in advance due to stadium The San Francisco 49 team was unveiled by the Denver wild horse in the Lefts Stadium, and their new stadium was also unscrupulous. The US local time on Wednesday, due to the harsh status, 49 people were forced to end their public training in the Levis Stadium in advance.

Although the team can’t immediately adapted to the new court, it is not fresh, but the 49 people believe that the situation of the Levis Stadium cannot guarantee the safety of the players. The team’s external hand Stevie Johnson and Bruce Ellington fell when training, and the turbids brought by the stadium were not counting.

We will definitely see Male at this season, but it is not immediately behind him. Although Maete passes the ball, he lacks precision and feel, leading to O’Brien to say: “We have to do the most favorable team.”

“Is this an ideal situation in this alliance? No.” O’Brien talks and has been replacing the first quarter-saving time. “I understand this, but we have to pay attention to the game of the United States Tiger.”


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The sales supervisor of Cincinnati tiger told WLWT reporters, in the past sales, the sales volume of Tiger’s 75 jerseys reached 14,945, which is an amazing figure, because the team thinks that the book is enough to schedule 1000 pieces.

Lindchi previously expressed the economic solution influenced by Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China and NFL players, he believes that both sides have more hope to finalize new contracts. He also admitted that this negotiation is tricky.

Mario Taga’s adaptation to the Ken Whisenhunt tactical system is shown on Friday. He did not pass the ball in 18 through 11 on 11-to-11 training. The reporter observed that Mario Tower used a deceived slog that the defensive slogan was divided into the offline foul. He also completed the “beautiful” 40 yard pass.

“You can see that he is trained in the rest, and it really studies the tactical manual,” delanie walker “is represented by ESPN. “He calmly placed tactics in Ju Ji, as he had already understood tactics, very good leaders. Very excited to see a young quarter-off to the team and prepare to lead the team. “

At the same time, the Panthers defensive end Greg – Hardy (Greg Hardy) missed the team training. Rivera reason given is “personal reasons.” According to reports, Hardy due to the use of violence against women and to intimidate the other side and be sued in May 3, is the reason for the absence of a meeting on the matter with their agents. Rivera said that Hardy will return to training on Thursday, the weekend will not be affected.

Newton makes the return on Sunday’s game will be more interesting, it will be a direct confrontation between the two former champion quarterback, but the two teams in the first week of the game are eye-catching performance. Lion exhibit at the New York Giants defeated, maybe the first week all the teams the best. Matthew – Stanford (Matthew Stafford) performance was impeccable, the lion’s defense completely locked opponents, this is the third time since 2005 the team will be the opponent’s attack control within 200 yards. Of Lions game, Newton may not be running the ball too much, how to attack the group to compensate for this lack of worth considering. This season the team on the offensive line has been a substantial transformation, they must take responsibility to ensure that Newton would not be hurt again.

Sterl’s jersey sales exceed 1.25 million dollarsWhen all things are good, we found that fans support the number of Tiger jerseys in Devon Still, which prevents children’s cancer, and far exceeds us.

If the best near-end-ended salary of the league can only rank more than 20 in the outer hand market, you can understand why Citte wants to be seen as a multi-facetor rather than being fixed in the near-end.

Lynch said that even if the two sides cannot sign a contract, Kiterl will also take the team training and continue to serve as a good teammate. But Hilver believes that Kittel may threaten to exit the new season forced 49 people to meet his requirements.

Grunette said: “I is very embarrassing, I want to do something, I want to go to work & hellip; & hellip; I hope I can have the opportunity to talk to some team owners, and I will get a chance to practice. If I don’t want it. Work, I can take a break. “

Early evaluation is positive, and Harry Douglas is inappropriate to admire Mario Tag “unbelievable,” and take over Jefferson, Shawn Jefferson, recently praised Mario Tag The destiny. “This commended continued on Friday, this time is a header from the team last season.

But Gruden will not go anywhere, he said:. “To wait and see what kind of work, some may not easy to identify with their co-workers come together, regardless of when the coordinator or coach, should be First determine this. “

Panthers Newton determine the All-Star will be back to participate in the second week of competitionCarolina Panthers coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) represents the team’s home opener, the game against the Detroit Lions, the team quarterback Cam – Newton (Cam Newton) will be back from injury return, starting to play. Newton with full equipment to participate in this week’s training, suggesting that his rib injury has been restored, the whole team are excited about this.

49 people and near-end Harmony George-Kitel’s renewal negotiations still have a huge differenceMaybe San Francisco General Manager John Lynch was previously completed to completely optimistic about George Kittle, George Kittle.

“There is still a significant difference between 49 people and George-Kitel, there is still a significant difference in the idea,” Hilver said. “49 people think they want to re-establish the market’s market and give him a rich close-end contract, and Kitel means, & lsquo; I think I am not just near-end. & Rsquo; near-end The market in the front market is really unsatisfactory. Jimmy Graham has set a benchmark in the contract of 2014. Austin Hooper is slightly over this contract in the free player market in March. One price, but if you think he regards him as the near-end strike, George Kittle can reshape the market, but in my opinion, recently, I have been voted by the colleagues to be the seventh good player. Kittel has been Hi Li chicken, he thinks & lsquo; I don’t want to be considered near-end strike & rsquo when renewing negotiations. “


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Adrian – Peterson living in Han Cao Ying heart?Alone players about the Minnesota Vikings team & mdash; & mdash; Adrian – Peterson (Adrian Peterson) want to move the message is no longer news, it was reported that the superstar’s heart had a home of the Dallas Cowboys in June this year, Peterson Cowboys owner Jerry to the phone – Jones (Jerry Jones) expressed his intention formerly played for the Cowboys.

Klebetry: I am not Martin Road, so I only playAuckland raids’ external hand Michael Crabtree This year, I chose not to participate in the national anthem protests before any game and some political behavior.

Lynch said: “Playing in Auckland is my dream, I am from here, I always think that there is a chance to come back to play. Staying here is not a big problem, but when you know that they want to move out, a lot The child will have no chance to see their idols play in their hometown. I am back, I want to give them a chance to see how I did it. “

Although Katnik’s protest is not subjective and the American football is related, Krabtri seems to have always been in the top quarter of his own, because after he left San Francisco, he has been complaining and Capenk. Worse experience.

Tom-Bradi praised candidate a new show four points Wei lamar JacksonTom Brady has proven to be the greatest traditional four-point guard in history, but the new England Patriots star quadrant is not a word for a completely different quadrant.

The team owner Woody-Johnson released a statement: “After repeated consideration, I and Lan and Izyk were clear this morning. They will not stay again next season. They both for jet The team has an extremely important contribution, I am grateful to their payment. The self-confidence and many playoffs experience brought by Lyan’s jets have been worth remembering. “

This time, Adrian – Peterson has issued a statement clarifying the matter, he said he “had never expressed to leave the Vikings meaning” and “willing to retire the Vikings.” Minnesota Vikings also said that Peterson is an integral part of the team. War season around the corner, now is really not a good time to let the rumors flying.

In fact, Peterson does not seem to cover up the matter, in December last year, the man from Texas running back indicated that, if he wanted to play for the Cowboys denied, then he is lying. Currently, the 29-year-old Peterson is now in the Viking seven-year contract in the fourth year, while the value of the contract up to $ 96 million.

Wood Di added: “At the same time, we are also tightening the new team leader, and listening to the guidance and advice from rugby experts. My primary task is to let the jet team return to the right track as soon as possible, and today’s decision is also this goal. The most important step. “

At present, the prediction difference between Jackson’s market is huge. Some people think that he will be selected before the patriot has a chance to select, some people think that he will enter the top ten, but some people think that he will not be selected in the first round.

Jackson’s scorpion capabilities have made him compared to Mike Vick, in the Louisville college career, he has more than 1500 yards for two consecutive seasons. In terms of pass, he obtained 57 times in these two seasons and 19 passes were copied, but there were scouts to be worried about his passions.

It is certain that if Jackson eventually became a patriot’s next quarter-off, then the patriot fans will see the distinct 4-point guard style. The patriot currently has the first round of 23rd and 31st lines and the second round of 43 and 63th selection.

On Wednesday, the guests in the wholesale Nfl jerseys official website showed Lamar Jackson for the ideal choice for parsers who were seeking to replace the four-defense, Braddy responded on Instagram. He replied to Jackson on Instagram in the NFL official website. “He is a beast.”

In the past six seasons, Ryan’s record of 46 wins in the jet team, and in his first two seasons, the jets have entered the United States championship in the first two seasons, and the records of the two seasons are 9 wins and 7 losses. And 11 wins and 5 losses. But in the past four seasons, there were no playoffs. The 2011 and 2013 season are the two seasons that the jet machine is close to the playoffs, and the records of regular season are 8 wins and 8 losses.


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Assassin trading won the quadruption of Bill, A.j. McCarrenBeijing September 2, according to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the raids exchanged Bill quartz avarron, chips were a five-wheel signs.

After the front team boss Al Davis, many lobbyed Gai joined the famous Hall, until Davis died in 2011, she still did not see his desire to achieve. Gayi finally was officially added to the Commission on August 2 this year.

McCarren is one of the four-point gap in Bill. Taking into account the instability of the connor cook and EJ Manuel in the preseason (both of them have been cut), McCaron came to the raid, it should be substitute. Two people selected.

In today’s season, we have seen too many new show. They only found their position in the team with 8 weeks. A good start is half the success, I believe that the road in the future will go more and more smoothly. Let us now take a look at the best rookie lineup of the NFL official website.

Dai Lun McFaden: I feel like a new personAuckland raids 2008 first-round show running Dallen McFadden will start their own new life in Dallas denim, for the first time for this 27-year-old player, I am very exciting.

Magotanberg’s starting time in his career is 0 wins and 7 losses. In the game competition, he was twice successful 35 times, and the success rate of the passage reached 62.9%, and the 187 yards were taken up and the twice were copied. In the last season, in the contest in Texas, Magotan Burg 60 times forwarded 438 yards 3 times to reach 2 passes, and the quarterfielding points reached 94.0.

After injury in the previous season, Newton was only played in 2 regular games. After several months of delay, he received surgery in December. This feet is that he has recently received injuries. He had received shoulder surgery for two consecutive years.

Despite a lot of changes in the coming months in the coming months, Newton’s team is a reasonable decision for the Blager in the coming months. There is an experienced and healthy player served as a good thing for new coach transition to the Cheap nfl jerseys From china level competition.

According to Latborote, although Newton’s current foot injury recovery is progressing, he still takes a few months to prepare to participate in the competition, which increases the difficulty of trading his trading.

After the absence of the game, Mario Tita participated in the training, but Wi Sen Hunte said that Mario Tag was unable to participate in enough training, which made himself think he could not play the next game.

Gay is taken under the first round of the 1973, and he contributed a lot of abandonment record for the team. In the 14 seasons, his an average abandonment number is 42.4 yards, and 7 times were selected in a professional bowl.

Bill take over the best rookie lineup of NFL halfThe rookie always brings expectations to the team, we have seen the offensive genius that is perfectly connected by Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck, and the team is perfectly connected to the team. Seeing like JJ Watt and Robert Quinn, it changes the super beast of the defensive group.

4-point guard: DEREK Carr, Auckland Assault

Run Guise: Branden Oliver, San Diego Lightning

Run Guard: Jerick McKinnon, Minnesota Viking

Extract: Sammy Watkins, Buffalo

External taken: Kelvin Benjamin, Carolina Black Panther

Extracry: Brandin Cooks, New Orleans Saints

Extracry: John Brown, Arizona

Close-edge: no

Attack cut: Taylor Lewan, Tennesi Toy

Offensive striker: Joel Bitonio, Cleveland Brown

Strong: Corey Linsley, Green Bay Packaging

Offensive striker: Zack Martin, Dallas Cowboy

Attack cut: Ju & Rsquo; Wuan James, Miami Dolphin

Defensive end: no

Defensive cutoff: Aaron Donald, St. Louis Ram

Overseas guard: Khalil Mack, Auckland raid

Overseas guards: Anthony Barr, Minnesota Viking

Internal Word: C.j. Mosley (C.J. MOSLEY), Baltimore Crow

Corner: Kyle Fuller, Chicago Bear

Security: Ha Ha Clinton-DIX, Green Bay Packaging

Abandoning the kick: Pat O & Rsquo; Donnell, Chicago Bear

Playing the ball: Chandler Catanzaro, Arizona

Back to attack: Jarvis Landry, Miami Dolphin

The coach Ken Whisenhunt said that this rookie scorpion knee recovery was progressing on Friday, but the team would not let him play the next game to face the Houston Texas people. The second quartz Swan Kzak-Magut Mettenberger will start.

He rarely got a chance to show in the 18th Super Bowl of the Super Bowl. The ball is mistaken to him. He has a high jumping with a single hand and then has completed a high difficult abandonment and kicking insurance. The raid team subsequently defeated the Washington Red Leather with 38-0, and won the second super bowl of champion in the history of the team.

Ray Guy is the legendary abandonment of the raid team, and he is selected in the celestial Hall of this summer. This week’s night racing team will hold a ritual of the honorary ring when he serves in the game of the Kansas Emirates. At that time, a member of several raiders will come to attend.


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In the recently released article, THE ATHLETI has been mentioned that Manning’s personal incidents have tend to join the red skin, but the red skin finally selects the quarter-points Solibert Griffin III.

I don’t know if there is any relationship with the main battle. Anyway, 49 people’s offensive spirit. The 9-speed offensive promotes 74 yards, eventually reaches the 5 yards of Jimmy Garoppolo and Matt Breida. At this time, 49 people have been 14-0.

Former red skin coach: Pedon Manning, I wish to join the teamIn 2013, Brown was almost traded to get Jim Harbaugh. The football industry also lost the opportunity to watch two Hubble brothers a year. In fact, in 2012, Manning brothers have almost realized.

The patriot takes over Mohammad – Sanon injury recovery is expected to expectThe new England patriots have been exchanged in the Mohamed Sanu in the last season with a second round of draft. But the return of this investment is not expected.

In this year’s draft, the patriot did not reinforce the external walking position, and in the free player market they just signed the role player. They need Sanu to rebound. Healthy Sanu will bring great help to the Patriots Offensive Group.

Defense line players Timmy Jernigan have been selected in the 48th of 2014, followed by the deal to the Philadelphia eagle, the chip of the transaction is a 74-bit draft execution to exchange a 99-bit draft.

[Event Review] Attack multi-point flowers, 49 people 31-3 RC BrownThe last game in the fifth week was carried out between Brown and 49 people. One side is the topic of the topic before the season, but now there is a strong potential team, and the other is not very moving in the quarter, but the national western strength of the defeated after the game. Today’s final deer should have a happiness.

Titan will take the La Lacy in the injury reserve list Tennessee Titan put the back injured line to the Aaron Wallace, was placed in the injury reserve list. Corresponding, external hand Zach Pascal is promoted from the training lineup to the 53nd National Congress.

Sanon was passed down 47 times in eight games, completed 26 battles, got 207 yards, 1 time, of which 10 codes 81 yards and the only one of him is the first for patriots. It is obtained in the game. After that, Sanon was injured by high ankle, which forced him to receive surgery during the offset period.

After this transaction, the crow currently holds 4 opportunities in the top 78 drafts, the crow manager said: “Timi is a very good player in our three seasons, but his departure will give young defensive line players. More opportunities. “

The last season Galley is a small highlight of the ram offensive group, as a rookie running guard, who completed 1106 yards and 10 reacted. In fact, his performance saved the team to a certain extent, and the rankings of the collers last season were first.

The progress is slightly dramatic: Mefield was killed by Difforeste Buckner, and Nick Bosa won the ball for 49 people. However, after 49 people, they were not ideal. They could only try to play any ball shot in Robbie Gould. As a result, the old 47-yard attempt was biased to the right. The score has not changed. Brown then got 3 points by 30 yards from Austin Seibert. The ratio is 3-14.

Former red skin coach Mike Salunan recalls: “I think Pelton is very disappointed. In fact, he is willing to see us, but also let me surprised me and Kyle. I still remember to talk to John Elvi (John) When talking, he said: & lsquo; Mike, do you know Pedon & Hellip; & hellip; I think & hellip; & hellip; more want to go to play the ball? To we really want to join you. & Rsquo I’m talking back, “I don’t know if I don’t know if I am said by Alvi himself.”

In the new season, Julian EDELMAN, Sanu and Enchill – Harry (N & # 39; Keal Harry) will be the leader of the patriot. If Sanon can completely restore health, Harry has made breakthrough in the second grade season, then this will be a three-person combination.

“I will tell you that he may be faster, slim, more slim, and better in Alexander than before surgery. “I will say that he is far more than an understanding or prediction of his current progress. It is far from expectation.”

Jennig was 24 years old, and the first 15 games were completed in 15 hugs and 5 times, and it was very good at the ground anti-run. It is reported that he has 10.8% of the ground defensive success rate last season. It is the first alliance in this position.

At this time, the Cleveland offensive group finally had some improvements, and Landri took the ball after 18 yards, Nick Chubb) was pushed into 37 yards, approaching 49 people red zones, and once again advanced to the front zone Code! & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; & hellip; but when you are too happy, Melfield is aiming at Karawi, this time, it is copied, but the hero is Williams. Williams has been attacked to 49 people to be stopped. 49 people use this opportunity to score again before the end of the half: TEVIN Coleman 19 code ball reaches. The ratio is 21-3.


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Brandon Marshall, insistence, did not spit water to the audienceThe New York Giants ended last Sunday, the fans declared that the fans declared that the giants took over the Brandon Marshall to spit water.

Opening by packaging workers first attack, the main four-point Wei Allen Rogers, the first wave of no business, the offensive, the 73 yards, the opening is 3 minutes, and try 2 points to success. The raids immediately ran 40 yards in color, Morris-Drews, Maurice Jones-Drew. The first package is 8-7 leader.

Vakaro has performed poor in the overall worse sainn defensive group in 2014, but he performs stable in 16 in the last season. In the rookie season, Wakaro was sent to each location of “In addition to the defensive end and defensive cuts”, and by the former Saint-Defense Coordinator Rob Rob Ryan is the best in the alliance. “Almighty Safety”.

This decision also allows Saints to have the opportunity to test whether he has a better manifestation before a long-term big contract for Wakaro. If he continues to progress, his future will be safe in the future.

Mike Hughes is still recovering the knee in front of the 6th week of the last season, the crossed ligament tear injury is not trained, and Holton Hill is banned. According to NFL NetWork reporters, in order to solve the urgent need, Viking is currently tried to test the old corner of Morris Claiborne.

cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website reporter Albert Breer reported that the Saint of the Saint has implemented the fifth year of the 2013 new show. In 2013, the election of the 15th line was picked into the first fifth annual contract option for the first year of this year to get the team executed by the team.

In the second quarter, Rogers once again, 6-time attack advanced 67 yards, got the reached, but 2 points reversed. Then the packaging team continued to maintain an advantage, after 4 strong defensive, Rogers all the way did not contribute smoothly, 14 attack 65 yards were reached, and 2 points were successful. At the end of the first half, the packaging workers 22-7 leader.

Recently, a restaurant named Darryl Margolis wrote a public letter to Brown Boss Jamie Haslam, he said: “Brown’s game I I can’t see it. If we can’t have a high light performance, then my restaurant will not broadcast Brown’s game. “

Bell was arrested in the past in August last year, because there were 3 games in the ban, and his teammates were also in the car, which was only banned by cannabis. Bell said to this: “I want to make sure everything I have made is good for my team.” Obviously he has prepared for the ban on the ban.

In the second half, both parties sent a substitute quarter-free appearance. The two sides alternately attack for ten minutes, the packaging team will shoot again, and the third section ends 25-7, and the package is leading the lead.

This kind of saying is known, but Wakaro and Team, Jairus Byrd, let Saint have one of the best security combinations of alliances. War Carlo is expected to get $ 5.6 million in a salary in the 2017 season, and he will become a young leader in the defensive group that requires a lot of improvement.

In the fourth quarter, within 5 minutes, the SCTT Tolzien continuously passed, and the package was again reached again. Subsequently, the defense of the packaging team showed loose, giving the raids to the Matt McGloin opportunities, and he continued to pass the long biography, broke the opponent’s defense, but 2 points after reaching . The packaging team dispatched the third fourth part of the bath, but did not get the first attack, McGember did not have a waste of opportunities, and once again passed the continuous long biography in the last 2 minutes. The final packaging worker defeated the raid by 31-21.

House leaks, lifting the losers of the night rainAt 7:55 on August 23, Beijing time, the Green Bay packaging team hosted the Auckland raid team. The final packaging worker defeated the raid by 31-21. The raid losses loses a main defensive line bathroom and a substitute danger.

11 months agoLevie – Bell is still waiting for the appeal message Pittsburgh Steelman’s training camp started on Saturday, USA, and their unveiled battle of the new England patriots, but the main running Wire Veion-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) doubt.


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In addition to the most valuable players mentioned earlier, Mahmus has also selected the best players in the league, win the best offensive players in the alliance, and the number of passes to lead the entire alliance. Of course, he became the first quarter of the season. In the first three games in the 2019 season, his performance is better than before.

“Still choosing a defensive player.” Thomas said in a certain show, “I think a rushing hand & hellip; & hellip; Take the class sign 4 points to be extra careful, because when you look at your eyes, this sign Just playing the drift. But if you choose a member of the defensive front line, even if it is not as good as expected, you can always find the position suitable for him to play. Brown team needs to participate in and dedicated the players. I want to choose quit quarters. The risk of Wei Wei is very clear. “

Brown is definitely a clear sick, after all, they have wanted to use a champion-Manning in 1999, but only get a Tim-Kuji. Therefore, the next few months should cause Brown’s extra attention. In addition to the champion, they also have 12 signs to strengthen the team. If there is no suitable quarter-by-person candidate, Texas A & AMP; M University’s defensive end Mels-Galt should be a champion.

The Route Seaha Eagle completed a major transaction, using all-star center Max-Ang, and a first round of the second strong proximal front, the second strong, the second strong near-end: Jimmy Graham. The first battle faces the ram, Glaham plays a sluggish in the second half, and the cooperation with the quasell Wilson is obviously improved, and finally achieved 6 pick 51 yards and 1 Deta-to-play, Haiying Chuan Ball offensive emblem and red zone threats greatly increase. However, the East, lost in the mulberry, turned away from Ery, the sea eagle, the weak offensive front line further thousands of holes, was completed by the ram of 6 times, and must be completed in the overtime The four gears 1 yards, the defensive front line of the ram has never hugged Marshawn Lynch, led to the loss of the game. Open the offensive front line, Linchi still runs 71 yards, mainly external combination of Bald Wenhe Kels play stable, two new aid three-wheeled show outside Taylor – Rockte (harvest 1 abandoned back to attack And the 34-year-old, will run to Fred Jackson and is bright. Coupled with the best four-point guard in the general view of the league, the New Department of Nine Million Wilson is scheduled, and the firepower of the Hawks off-attack group will make people look.

A excellent offensive front line may be injured in the least appropriate time. The raid is a team (18 times) that makes the opponent to get the minimum team (18 times). They have average the ball 120.1 yards, and the alliance ranked sixth, the scorpion player and the opponent have reached 2.4 yards, and the alliance ranked eleventh.

The words of Rivers do not seem to have only 4 wins, and the last six games in the season will be able to enter the playoffs. They currently have 2 winners from the Morian West, and the external card seat is 1.5 wins, and there is currently 6 teams between them and the playoffs.

The package worker’s defensive team will not reinforce, and it has also lost the number one corner Wei Tit Mon – Williams. In the first week, there are many problems in the first week, let the bear offensive group in the ball time, offensive code, the number of attacks, the number of offensive files, etc., or the bear attack The key to the group red area is not high and the key to Carterler is copied, and the green bay may be lost in the first game. Not only that, there are many low-level fouls to help the opponent offensive group “renewed”. The bear main force runs cheap nfl jerseys from china the first half of the Borde to complete the 100 yards, and the “beast mode” Linqi, which is facing the game, is a terrible role than Belte, and the quarter walson is also good at running. Move, it is difficult to imagine that the current anti-running capacity of packaging can limit their play. In addition to obtaining 1.5 minor Pepez and Key Caspered Krem Massatts, other defensive players who can change the warfare of the war. You must know that this game can no longer expect the Hawks to send 4 times.

The layam of the next game will mean that this is the first absence of the game since 10 years. He has already played 160 consecutive games. The guest all seasons is one of the best left disaggings in the alliance, especially in the opening of the mushroom opening.

In the absence of the best blind side protector, facing the opponent’s ball shock, Jade, Crowni, and Whitney Mercilus, Cook will fall into big trouble. Menelik Watson is expected to serve as the beginning of the left, and Austin Howard returns to the right.

This news is not very wonderful for the first first starting of the first first first start. At the end of the game, he showed a strong arm force and the ability to perform sustainable progress. However, he has passed the passed to the copy and once it looks completely like a lost rookie with how many training times.


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Jet Assistant Coach Heins Ward hopes to defeat the old eastThe next game has been meaningless for the New York jet, but it is not the case for the jet offense assistant coach Hines Ward. If you can defeat his old East Pittsburgh Steelman, Ward wants to win a championship.

Washington coach Rivira previously talked about the leadership of Pipeson as a young running guard. But with the day of the layoffs, the Washington team decided to leave younger and more comprehensive running guards.

For how to deal with Winston’s future pirate may be suggested here from the opponent Tennessee Titan. The latter recently will be relieved with Winston’s four-point Swan Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus Marcus.

Even if the status is not as good as in the past, Peterson can still dedicate a good performance. He found the biggest hindrance to the new East is to find an offensive system that is suitable for yourself. As a majority of running guards that can only be played in the first two gear, he is not suitable for certain teams, and the poor performance in Saints proves this.

Baker Mayfield played the best performance in the season and led Cleveland Brown to defeat Cincinnati. Kyler Murray helped Arizona Red Spits to defeat Seattle Hawks in Sunday. The two of them have become the best offensive players and the Best of China.

In the competition of Denver’s Homewash, Kansas City, the Sanfo Mingma, wholesale jerseys they split in a variety of ways, including 102 yards of Byron Pringle, Byron Pringle. Such a performance allows Prinches to become the best special team players in Mei Week. Magical is that this is the only one-time ball attack in the Principe this season.

“This is a bit weird,” he said. “I have spent the whole player career. I know team staff, they want to have dinner together (Saturday). This is the Christmas weekend of New York City, so everyone wants to join.”

Although Peterson has a lot of opportunities to train together with the starting lineup during the training camp and is considered to continue to serve as the main running guard, the new show Antonio Gibson is very bright. This year’s three-wheeled show can play a role in the pass attack, he should be the largest player who benefits from Peterson. In addition, the Washington team has Bryce Love and PEYTON Barber, which is suitable for playing in the first two interfaces, JD McKissic can be a ball. Run.

“This will be very special for me, but I am a good person,” Ward said Friday. “I want to win. I wanted to defeat the steel man with anyone of this team. I trust me. I told me players, & lsquo; you have to win this game for me. & Rsquo; if we win I would like to be treated like this. “

Ward is a steel man, in 14 years of effectiveness, he helps the team to win 2 super bowls, and you are also the 40th Super Bowl MVP. Ward said that this is the first time in his career not supported steel.

“This makes me feel surprised,” Peterson said. “I have a good training camp. This can be seen in the video until this week has been the main level training opportunity. I was taken yesterday by the running guards to tell them to some training opportunities for young people, but I didn’t expect it. Crazy, there is no sign. Today, Ron Rivera said that layoffs is always difficult, but we will cut off you and use such offensive tactics. I respect the coach. “

In Brown 37-34 overcome the game, Melfield has achieved the most 5 times a career. In the first section, it was not successful and one of them was passed down. Meceld was 22 times in the next 23 passed, and the only passed the ball was stopped. surface. Melfield passed 297 yards, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 78.6%, and the quarterfielding reached 135.6.

Ward became a full-time coach for jet after training camp as an internship trainer. He said that he likes this job, although the work time of the coach is longer than expected. In the game, he has challenged the old family Baltimore.

In the game of Buffalobier 18-10, the defensive group is the biggest hero, and the excellent performance of the defending Director Jerry Hughes Hughes has made him the best defensive player in the United States. Hughes got 6 hugs in the game, 2 times, once forced the ball and 1 copy.

In the evening, I added a friend who reply to the background. I am still very excited. After all, the award is not easy. I have done so many years “single” fans, I finally found the organization. Talking at the head of the background, he talked a lot of days, and it did find a place where you can talk. This time #nfl super player # and NFL Super Fans will make me very happy, it is very interesting experience.

Hello everyone, I am Zou Di gallium, now is a large number of students in Zhejiang University, a very young fan. In the group of NFL Super Fans, many fans have become a family, and there is even a next generation, and I am still a student reading.

The Best Technical Group players in Guo Zen Zhou Zhou have not allowed to belong to the Los Angeles ram to abandon the kickhant – Hekker. In the Monday Night Tournament in the Ram 24-10, Heiken has completed 5 abandoned kicks, every time I abandoned kicked into the opponent 10 yard line or deeper position. The sea has averaged 44.2 yards every time, and the farthest kicks out 63 yards.